Personal Demons – Examples

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At this point, Steve and the Newman pupils had been working together for a few weeks. They had met Blake, the hero, and discovered his hopeless crush on Maria, a girl at his class. The pupils had also suggested that Blake and his friend Des should be bullied by a gang at school. Steve thought this was a great idea and wrote it into the novel.

Steve wrote to the pupils, explaining that, at this point in the plot, Blake discovers a demon in his grandfather’s office. Steve asked the pupils to write the scene where Blake first finds the demon, and to imagine what use Blake will make of his new powers. Led by Jack at the whiteboard, the pupils brainstormed their ideas, and then headed to individual computers to write up their versions. The best parts of each were then combined to create a class version. Steve then showed the pupils his version, and they compared the way that they had dealt with the same scene. You can see how well the Newman school pupils are writing with the stimulus of the novel!

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