medieval imaginations:
literature and visual culture in the middle ages

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medium: manuscript 
date: 15th century
episodes: All
owner/location: Rector and Wardens, Ranworth, Norfolk
catalogue information: Ranworth Antiphoner, fol 152
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Image 437 One of 19 historiated initials in the Ranworth Antiphonal of c.1460-1480 - its provincial but professional decoration suggests it was made in a commercial workshop in the Norwich area for use in the Norwich diocese (and at Ranworth church, Norfolk, by 1505). (Scott 1996, 325-6). The image depicts Jonah appearing from the belly of the whale after he had spent three days there (Jonah 2). This was seen to prefigure the Resurrection of Christ, as indicated in the gospels(Matthew 12:40). The painting of this initial suggests the influence of a 'Biblia Pauperum' illustration.

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