medieval imaginations:
literature and visual culture in the middle ages

picture data:

medium: wood 
date: 14th century
episodes: All
owner/location: Ipswich Museums and Galleries, Christchurch Museum, Ipswich
catalogue information: Ipswich Museums and Galleries, R1936-41
related images:
Deposition from the Cross

Image 161 A simple panel, probably East Anglian in origin and from an altarpiece. This panel with its simple and immediate quality, has been compared with two panels from a passion cycle (from Norwich?) in the Fitzwilliam Museum,and the two panels of the betrayal and crucifixion now in Norwich Cathedral. All probably survive from parish church altarpieces. The group is set against a heavily embossed gesso background. The figure of Mary Magdalene, often shown in the foreground (see other images on the site illustrating the same episode) is missing. The figure to the right with his high-collared padded doublet, with tight-fitting waist and floral-spray emboidery, is dressed in the fashion of c.1400 or before. This date fits with the style of the rather pointed faces, the hair, and hands. A figure to the left holds a vessel of spaces to embalm the body. Mary clasps to her cheek the bloodied hand of Christ. Behind her stands St John.

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further reading:
Lasko, P and Morgan, N.J., Medieval Art in East Anglia, Norwich 1974