Dr Aleksandar Stević, King's



Biographical Information

I am a Junior Research Fellow at King's College, where I am affiliated with both English and MML. I was educated in Serbia and the United States, receiving my BA and MA in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory from the University of Belgrade and my PhD in Comparative Literature from Yale University, where I also served as a Whiting Fellow in the Humanities. I completed my doctoral thesis in 2012, and then briefly served as a Visiting Assistant Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Hampshire College in the US. I moved to Cambridge in August of 2013.

Personal website

Research Interests

My research focuses primarily on the nineteenth and early twentieth-century novel and its links to social and intellectual history. My recently completed book manuscript explores the evolution of the Bildungsroman between 1830s and 1920s, and focuses on the writings of Dickens, Eliot, Charlotte Bronte, Henry James, Samuel Butler, Joyce, Balzac, Flaubert, and Proust. I am currently at work on a variety of new projects, including a second book on nineteenth-century fiction and political violence. I also work on modernism, history of aesthetics and literary criticism, tragedy, and Holocaust narratives.

Selected Publications

(recent and forthcoming)

  • “Convenient Cosmopolitanism: Daniel Deronda, Nationalism, and the Critics,” forthcoming in Victorian Literature and Culture 45.3 (2017).
  • “Stephen Dedalus and Nationalism without Nationalism,” forthocming in the Journal of Modern Literature.
  • “Fatal Extraction: Dickensian Bildungsroman and the Logic of Dependency,” Dickens Studies Annual 45 (2014), 63–94.
  • “Realism, the Bildungsroman, and the Art of Self-Invention: Stendhal and Balzac,” A History of Modern French Literature from the Fifteenth to the Twentieth Century, ed. Christopher Prendergast, Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2017, 414–435.