Prof Steve Connor, Peterhouse



Biographical Information

I am currently Chair of the Faculty of English. Before moving in 2012 to the Faculty of English in Cambridge, I taught at Birkbeck College London,  where I was Professor of Modern Literature and Theory from 1994. From 2003 to 2012, I was Academic Director of the London Consortium Graduate Programme in Humanities and Cultural Studies, a collaboration between academic and cultural institutions in the capital that fostered and supported students in projects of cross-disciplinary enquiry.

Research Interests

My research interests are focussed in the literature and culture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, though many of my projects have a longer historical contour. I still write regularly on Dickens and Beckett, and my areas of interest include magical thinking; the history of medicine; the cultural life of objects and the material imagination; the relations between culture and science; the philosophy of animals; literature and mathematics; literature and technology; and the history of sound, voice and auditory media. I have also written extensively on contemporary art for Cabinet, Tate Etc, Modern Painters and others, and broadcast regularly for radio. My next book, Dream Machines, which I am writing for Open Humanities Press, will be about the history of imaginary machines and mechanisms.

Areas of Graduate Supervision

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature and its contexts; Dickens, Joyce, Beckett; literary and cultural theory; visual culture; literature, culture and science

Selected Publications

These are my principal publications since 2010. The links given are mostly to the versions on my website,, which provides a full list of publications, along with the texts of unpublished essays, broadcasts and lectures.


The Matter of Air: Science and Art of the Ethereal (London: Reaktion, 2010) 

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A Philosophy of Sport (London: Reaktion, 2011) 

Beyond Words: Sobs, Hums, Stutters and Other Vocalizarions (London: Reaktion 2014)

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