Dr Vladimir Brljak, Trinity Hall



Biographical Information

I am Thole Research Fellow in English at Trinity Hall. Before coming to Cambridge, I studied at Zagreb (BA) and Warwick (PhD), where I also taught courses and seminars on late medieval and Renaissance English literature, Shakespeare, history and theory of literature, and composition. In 2015, I was awarded the Review of English Studies Essay Prize for an article on the work of John Milton.

Research Interests

Literary and intellectual history, esp. English and related, esp. 1500-1700.
My doctoral dissertation was on 'Allegory and Modernity in English Literature, c.1575-1675', and I am now working on a monograph building on this research, provisionally titled The Allegorical Heresy. I also continue to be involved in projects that look at allegory and related subjects across disciplinary and periodisational divides. I organized Allegory Studies? (University of Warwick, 7 Nov 2013); co-organized, with Karen Lang and Peter Mack, Rethinking Allegory (The Warburg Institute, 30 Oct 2015); and am currently editing a volume of essays on the subject, titled Allegory Studies: Contemporary Perspectives.
A new project will deal with developments in English poetics and literary criticism c.1600-1660: the alleged 'Dead Water in English Criticism', in George Saintsbury’s memorable phrase. Among the first fruits of this research will be editions of three unpublished texts from this period: an essay on The Causes and Obiects of Delectation by Kenelm Digby, and two literary-critical fictions—The Ball and The Court of Astraea with the Arraignement of Romances—by Philip Kinder. In 2017-18, I will be undertaking research relating to this project as Sassoon Visiting Fellow at the Bodleian Library, Oxford, and Mayers Fellow at the Huntington Library, San Marino, California.
In 2016-17, Micha Lazarus and I will be convening Poetics before Modernity, a seminar series on literary theory in the West from antiquity to 1700.

Selected Publications

  • [forthcoming] 'The Age of Allegory', Studies in Philology, 2017
  • [forthcoming] 'Notes on the Religious Element in Hamlet', Notes and Queries, 2017
  • 'The Satanic "or": Milton and Protestant Anti-Allegorism', The Review of English Studies 66 (2015): 403-22
  • 'Early Comments on Milton’s Anti-Trinitarianism', Milton Quarterly 49 (2015): 44-50
  • 'Allegorical Readings of Paradise Lost', in Milton through the Centuries, ed. Gábor Ittzés and Miklós Péti (Budapest: Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary, 2012), 102-12
  • 'Hamlet and Lameth', Notes and Queries 59 (2011): 247-54
  • 'Unediting Deor', Neuphilologische Mitteilungen 112 (2011): 297-321
  • 'Borges and the North', Studies in Medievalism 20 (2011): 99-128
  • 'The Lutheran "Faustus" in Foxe's Acts and Monuments', ANQ 23 (2010): 207-10
  • 'An Allusion to Purgatory in Hamlet', Notes and Queries 57 (2010): 379-80
Selected Talks
  • 'The Critical Fantasies of Philip Kinder', 63rd Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, Chicago, 29 Mar-1 Apr 2017
  • '(Neo)allegory and (Anti)modernity', Redefining Allegory, Queen Mary University of London, 24 Sep 2016
  • 'Allegorical Poetics in England after 1600: Fishing in the Dead Water', Renaissance Graduate Seminar, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge, 9 Feb 2016
  • '"[S]ome shadowe of satisfaction": Bacon's Poetics Reconsidered', 61st Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, Humboldt University, Berlin, 26-28 Mar 2015
  • '"[T]he causes and obiects of delectation": An Unpublished Essay on Poetic Theory by Kenelm Digby', 6th Biennial Conference of the Society for Renaissance Studies, University of Southampton, 13-15 Jul 2014
  • 'Satan's Allegories and Milton's Epics', 60th Annual Meeting of the Renaissance Society of America, New York, 27-29 Mar 2014
  • 'The Age of Allegory: A Medievalist Myth and Its Legacy', The Middle Ages in the Modern World, University of St Andrews, 25-28 Jun 2013
  • 'Allegory and Modernity in English Poetics, c.1570-1630: Locations and Dislocations', Annual Meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association, University of Toronto, 4-7 Apr 2013
For a more complete list of publications and talks, see my profile at academia.edu.