Cal Revely-Calder, Trinity

Degree: PhD
Course: 1830-PD
Supervisor: Dr A Stillman
Dissertation Title:

The later poetry, drama and prose of Samuel Beckett

Research Interests

19th-to-21st-century poetry & drama, particularly post-1945 Anglo-American poetics.
Theatre, spectatorship, & tragedy.
Puppetry, dolls, miniatures, artificial bodies, & automata.
The relation between lyric poetry & sin, temptation, jealousy & desire.
Pop music, culture & lyrics.

Areas of Supervision

Anglo-American literature, 19th-century to present.
Lyric poetry & poetics.
Translation, particularly from & into French.

Selected Publications

'Choreographed Footfalls', Journal of Beckett Studies 27.1 (April 2018), forthcoming.
'Racine Lighting Beckett', Journal of Beckett Studies 25.2 (September 2016), 225–242.
'Longing for Sebastian', Literary Imagination 18.1 (March 2016), 44–55.
'The Tender Words of Henry James', The Cambridge Quarterly 43.4 (December 2014), 325–338.

'Well Undone' (review), The Cambridge Quarterly 44.4 (December 2015), 394–399.
(Other reviews & writing at the Cambridge Humanities Review3:AM MagazinePrac Critminor literature[s], & elsewhere.)