Elin Danielsen Huckerby, Magdalene

Degree: PhD
Course: CC
Supervisor: Dr Ross Wilson
Dissertation Title: Whatever the critics criticise. Richard Rorty's philosophy of literature

Biographical Information

I hold a Master of Science degree in Computer Technology, and worked for several years as an engineer, programmer and project manager, before coming to Literary Studies. After doing my undergraduate work and an M.A. in Comparative Literature at the University of Bergen, Norway, I am currently doing a PhD in Criticism and Culture.

My dissertation examines the role of literature in the philosophy of the American neopragmatist Richard Rorty. Literature plays an increasingly significant part in his work. It is a source of poignant and instrumental examples, but the idea of literature as such also forms an integral part of Rorty's philosophical argumentation. My aim is to map out how and why Rorty uses literature and a literary style in his work, and to demonstrate how this follows from his pragmatist philosophical stance. I also hope to show how adopting such a stance might solve some long-standing problems in literary theory.

Research Interests

  • Literary theory and philosophy
  • The relationship between literature/fiction and philosophy
  • The philosophical basis of the humanities
  • Pragmatism 
  • Wittgenstein
  • William and Henry James
  • Emerson, Thoreau, and American romanticism/transcendentalism
  • The novel as a genre
  • 20th century and contemporary fiction
  • Scandinavian literature

Areas of Supervision

  • Practical criticism
  • Literary theory
  • Literature and philosophy
  • American romanticism
  • 20th century and contemporary fiction
  • Scandinavian literature