Ms Jasmine Jagger, Jesus

Degree: PhD
Course: 1830-PD
Supervisor: Dr A Stillman
Dissertation Title:

Poetry and Medical Disorder: Edward Lear, T. S. Eliot, Stevie Smith

Research Interests

19th-to-21st-century poetry and prose (particularly Victorian, modernist, and post-modernist poetics).
Comedy, senses of humour, the tragic, bodies.
Manuscript study and writers' correspondence.
Medicine and literature.
Literature and the visual arts.
Dolls, puppets, drama and performance.

Current projects involve:
T. S. Eliot - Stevie Smith - W. H. Auden - A. E. Housman - William Wordsworth - S.T. Coleridge - Edward Lear - Lewis Carroll - R. L. Stevenson.

Areas of Supervision

British and American literature, long-19th century to present.
Lyric poetry and poetics.
Literature and visual culture.
Children's literature and nonsense.

Selected Publications

'Tongue-Tied and Contorting: The Comic Body in A. E. Housman', Literary Imagination (August 2015) 17 (3): 311-326.
'Wordsworth, Coleridge, and the Healing Powers of the Imagination', Romanticism (forthcoming, 2016).
'The Endlessness of Alice', The Cambridge Quarterly 45 (1): 91-97.
'The Child's Eye-View in the Illustrated Texts of Lewis Carroll', The Carrollian (2014).
Selected reviews in the Cambridge Humanities Review.