Oliver Goldstein, Trinity Hall

Degree: PhD
Course: CC
Supervisor: Dr Ewan Jones
Dissertation Title: Radical conservatism and poetic form

Biographical Information

I studied for my undergraduate degree at Trinity Hall, before moving across to Robinson to take my MPhil last year. I'm now back at Trinity Hall for my PhD, which considers a radically counter-progressive strain in nineteenth and early twentieth century writing which I'm calling, loosely, radical conservatism. Writers I'm particularly interested in, at present, include: Thomas Carlyle; Gerard Manley Hopkins; Tennyson; Swinburne; Laura Riding (Jackson); Mina Loy. 


Research Interests

Other interests include: poetics; nineteenth and twentieth century poetry; boxing; Jewish history and Jewish memory; Hegel; Freud; Yosef Yerushalmi; Gershom Scholem and messianism; the novels of J. M. Coetzee. 

Areas of Supervision

Practical criticism; lyric; literature from 1830 to the present