Oliver Goldstein, Trinity Hall

Degree: PhD
Course: CC
Supervisor: Dr Ewan Jones
Dissertation Title: Radical conservatism and poetic form

Biographical Information

I studied for my undergraduate degree at Trinity Hall, and took my MPhil at Robinson. I'm now back at Trinity Hall for my PhD, which gives an account - via Thomas Carlyle's earlier writing - of a particular strain of nineteenth century radical conservatism, and its relation to poetry. I'm interested, broadly, in questions of aesthetics and politics, especially the way in which political categories are resolved (or not) into aesthetic terms. Writers of particular importance, at present, include: Carlyle; Ruskin; Pater; Tennyson; Elizabeth Barrett Browning; Hopkins; Lionel Johnson; Isaac Rosenberg; Mina Loy.

I've extensive experience as a boxing writer, and have written for The Sunday Times, Boxing News and Boxing Monthly in recent years. I've also worked as a script writer on two boxing documentary series for Showtime in the U. S., in 2014 and more recently this summer. 

Research Interests

English poetry, especially after 1800; lyric; aesthetics; 19th century political thought; Anglo-Jewish and Jewish-American poetry and thought; the novels of J. M. Coetzee

Areas of Supervision

Practical criticism; lyric; literature from 1830 to the present