Sauleha Kamal, Lucy Cavendish

Degree: MPHIL
Course: CC
Supervisor: Dr Priya Gopal
Dissertation Title: The impact of sociopolitical traumas on contemporary Pakistani literature (title subject to revision)

Biographical Information

Current Chevening & Cambridge Trust scholar. BA (2015), Columbia University, Barnard College, NY in Economics & Social History and English (Creative Writing concentration). I also write fiction and was awarded the Axinn Foundation/Anna Quindlen Prize in 2015. 

Previous research:

  • Limitations of the Education-Work-Empowerment Discourse: Investigating Female Labor Force Participation in Pakistan 1999-2013 
  • "Female Followers of Mahomet" as "Veiled Maids": Images of the Muslim Woman and the Victim/Seductress Binary in Frankenstein and Alastor 

Research Interests

Postcolonialism, history, orientalism, South Asia, feminism, the novel, contemporary fiction, economic history

Selected Publications

Kamal, Sauleha. "Twenty-six Seconds." I'll Find My Way: An Anthology of Short Stories. Oxford UP. 2014.

Kamal, Sauleha. "The Politics of US Aid to Pakistan." The Express Tribune 10 June 2016. The Express Tribune. Web. 13 Oct. 2016. <>.

Kamal, Sauleha. "Eclipse." Blue Minaret, 2016. Web. 13 Oct. 2016. <>.