Welcome to the Literature Technology Media Research Group at the University of Cambridge. We aim to stimulate and coordinate research across Cambridge’s Faculty of English, and beyond, into the history, present and future of the relations between literature, technology and media.

Our 2017 conference, Excavating Media: Devices, Processes, Apparatuses, with plenary lectures from Jussi Parikka and Bernhard Siegert, will take place in Cambridge 30th June-1st July 2017.

The first volume in our Technographies series, Writing, Medium, Machine: Modern Technographies, edited by Sean Pryor and David Trotter, appeared from Open Humanities Press in Autumn 2016. Steven |Connor’s Dream Machines will appear in Spring 2017. Our ongoing project is the compilation of a Technicon, along with a number of other research strands. Read more about our aims.

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