['The old and obscure words of Chaucer, explaned', from The Workes of our Antient and lerned English Poet, Geffrey Chaucer, newly Printed, ed. by Thomas Speght (London: George Bishop, 1598), sig. Aaaa1r-Bbbb1v.]



Saint Iohn to borrow, with good speed.
salew, honour.
saleweth, saluteth.
samet, lattin.
sanguine, red.
sang, song.
sand, sending.
satournade, yellow.
sat me sore, touched mee greatly.
sarge, saycloth.
sautry, an instrument of musicke.
saunce dout, without doubt.
sautry, musicke on instruments.
saut, assault.
saugh, saw.
sarplesis or sachels, packes, or fardles.
sawes, sayings.
saw, speech, words.
sawsfleme, redfaced.
saine alse, seene also.
sailors, dauncers.
scath, harme.
scathlike, harmefull.
scantilane, a measure.
sciled, closed.
scholay, exhibition.
scriuenish, subtelly.
sees, seats.
secre, secret.
segge, say.
sewis, follow.
sele, seale.
semicope, a short cloke.
sentement, feeling, sence.
selely, happily.
senten, sent.
senged, scorched.
senid, scorched.
sendall, a thinne stuffe like cipresse.
senge, burne.
sentement, ones owne deuise.
sementing, daubing.
seker, in like sort.
seignory, power.
serment, an oth.
sered, pokets,
sere, diuerse.
setron, bright of hue.
settles, grafts.
sew, sowen.
sewen, sow.
sew, follow.
sewing, placed.
sey, seene.
sey, saw.
seint, girdle.
skwes, brothes.
shad, parted.
shaw, shaddow, a tuft of trees.
shend, spoile.
shete, shoot.
shent, troubled.
shenden, (culpare) to blame.
shend, rebuke.
shenden, hurt, spoile.
shenden, bring blame.
shent, infected.
shede, depart.
shene, shining.
shepen, simple, fearefull.
shepens, sheepe cotes.
shemeting, glimering.
shetten, closed in.
sheriffe, reue, or gouernour of a shire.
stoures, brunts.
shift, bestow.
shildes, french crownes.
shoue, put.
shode, bush of haire.
shode, head.
shoder, shoulder.
shond, harme.
shond, harme.
shoufe, put of
shore, cleft, cranny.
shullen, shall.
shright, crying out.
sike, a sigh.
sikerly, truly.
sikerd to the regals of Athens, allied to the nobles, &c.
sikerer, certainer.
silenesse, felicity.
sit, fitteth.
sithen, after.
skaffaunt, an engin of warre.
skarmoch, skirmish.
skere, fray.
skorchlith, scorcheth.
skleren, couer.
slew, sleeue.
sleuelesse, vaine.
slite, rend, teare.
slittered, cut.
slight, cunning.
slider, (labilis) slippery, falling.
sliuer, parcell.
slouthlich, slouenish.
slough, ditch.
slouth, forslow.
sinoterlich, snoutfaire.
snewed, did snow.
sonenesse, noise.
sotell, subtile.
sooth, truth.
sond, will, or mind, commandement.
sote, sweet.
soigne, care, diligence.
soken, trade, or dealing.
soune, speech, tune, sound.
sound, to make sound or whole.
sowned, ordained.
soioure, tarying, dwelling.
soget, subiect.
sourd, rising.
sours, rising.
sonitresse, heire.
souple, easie to be bent.
sours, spring, rising.
sourd, proceed.
sow and plite, seale, and fold.
souke, spend.
sould him, enspired him.
sond, sand.
soupen, sup.
sowne, speech.
spareth, (bipennis) a double axe, a speare.
spannishing, full breadth.
sperd, shut vp.
speces, parts.
spence, (promptuarium) a buttery.
spedefull, (efficax) earnest.
sperme, seed.
sper, asked.
sped, handled.
sperkell, wandring.
splay, to spread.
spray, sprig, or bough.
springolds, yong men.
spinge, sprinkle.
squireth, waiteth.
stad, combred.
stall, set.
stames, (subtegmen) warpe.
stamin, (stamen) hempe.
statue, picture.
stede, place.
stere, make a motion.
stereles, without sterne.
stenten, stay.
stew, a small pond for fish.
sterelich, earnestly.
strene, kinred.
stele, the handle.
stere, sterne.
stered, dealt withall.
steuen, meeting.
steuen, sound.
stedship, (stabilitas) assurance.
steire, (gubernaculum) a sterne.
stedes, places.
stere, to make.
sterne, to lay downe.
stighed, ascended.
stinten, ceaseth.
stont, stood.
stound, sodainly.
stot, yong horle.
stole, a tippet.
stoundmeale, of small continuance.
stoundmeale, in little time.
stopen, stepped.
stounds, (vices) courses, orders.
stounds, sorrowes, dumps.
stound ill, bad case.
stound, time.
sturt, strugle.
straught, (extentus) extended.
strake, to passe.
strepe, rob, or strip.
stre, straw.
stripe, kinred.
subalter, and sept, the straites betweene Spaine and Barbary.
sued, followed.
supporaile, beare vp.
supprise, ouercome.
supplien, make supplication.
sursanure (quasi sursum sanatum) a sore festered inward and whole without.
surcote, a gowne with a hood of the same.
surquedry, presumption.
surkney, a white attire like a Rotchet.
swa, so.
swaine, seruant.
sweuen, a dreame.
swelt, sounded.
swiche, such.
swough, a soiund.
swoll, swelled.
swough, a sound.
swelow, gulfe.
swow, a slumber.
swith, quickly.
swinke, labour.
swinker, labourer.
swire, necke.
swilke, such.
sib, a kin.
sie, to fall.
siker, in assurance.
sile, banishment.
sith, afterward.
sith, often, also, since.
sithnesse, seeing that.
sith, times.


[Basic editorial conventions: black letter font reproduced in bold face, Roman in plain text, and italic in italic face. Lineation has been preserved, and accidents/errata of the original text preserved.]