Nevitt's Memorial

edited by Gavin Alexander and Barbara Ravelhofer

This page offers a transcription of London, British Library, Add. MS 12066, and a related letter from Add. MS 17520. The former is edited in Butler's Sidneiana, but the latter was not known to Butler. In presenting these documents we have attempted to represent their original layout as faithfully as is possible in html. Nevitt's text is carefully justified, with frequent use of line-fillers. Numbers in the right-hand column are given by Nevitt in the middle of the row after a bracket encompassing the text to which they refer. We have put them at the bottom of the row for the sake of clarity. Italics are used to indicate Butler's use of an italic hand. Contractions are expanded silently; Nevitt's consistent use of a majuscule for initial 'c' has been ignored; we have tried to treat Nevitt's terminal 'd' flourish consistently: at times it indicates an 'e', at others it may be otiose, and at others still it is certainly to be ignored. Erased material is given between angled brackets: <xxx>. Where numbers have been altered the original reading is given in whole for clarity's sake. Superlinear insertions are given between carets: ^xxx^. Where punctuation is omitted through Nevitt's oversight, it is supplied between square brackets: [)].

The page will develop to include an introduction and commentary.


fol. 2r

Right honorable, some Fower yeares agoe your honor was pleased to tell Mr Goulding and my self that you would make a declaracion of the estate left you, and which hath accrewed any way vnto you since your Fathers death, and of your expences, whereby the world might see that you haue not only brought honor vnto your house and posteritie, but also inlarged your reuennewes, which hath induced me, although very vnfitt to make the declaracion ensuing. Which although it be very vnperfect in respect many things might passe without my knowledge, yett it will giue greate light vnto your honor in that worke which I doe earnestly desire may be perfected for the satisfaccion of your good freindes.

This 500li as I am truely informed goeth for 4000li a year./.

About the yeare 84 your noble Father departed this life and ymeadiatly after it pleased god to take out of this life your noble brother Sir Phillip Sidney whose Executors (viz) the now Lady Clanrickard and Sir Frauncis Walsingham, caried away in the behalf of the heire generall, all the goodes and moueables att Penshurst as plate Iewells hanginges and houshould stuffe to the valewe of 20000li as I haue beine informed, besides the Mannor of Robertsbridge and Halden which were worth 1200li per annum besides the benefitt of the sale of much tymber, which with the rentes and Fynes in the thirtie yeares the Countesse of Clanrickard and the Earle of Rutland enioyed it, could not amount vnto lesse then 40000li. And moreouer your honor paid your neece the late Countesse of Rutland, 4000li for her porcion which as I haue beine informed, was intended for her whole patrimony, also there were diuers Leases of landes the inheritaunce whereof is now invested in the Earle of Clanrickard of 800li per annum caried away by the heire generall. also there was 500li per annum lying in Lincolnshire sould by your Fathers Executors to defray the charge of your Fathers funerall and your brothers and to paie theire debts. Soe that all theis thinges which were taken from your honors house vppon the death of theis two noble Parsonages cannot be valued att lesse then


Here ensueth a particular of the landes which came vnto you by your noble Father and brother deceased.

  Penshurst per annum 400li
  Lamberhurst per annum 20
  Salehurst per annum 20
  Mathersum per annum 20
  Brightling per annum 10./.
fol. 2v
  The mannor of Woodruffe with the drowned landes per annum 250
  Michelmershe per annum 70
  Landes in Lincolnshire per annum 200
  Landes in Sussex which Mr Rodway had a Lease of per annum 20
  Landes vppon the Downes in Sussex per annum 80
  Somme total per annum 1090

Out of which 1090li per annum your honor paid theis yearely payments (viz)

li s d
  To the Countesse of Clanrickard for her thirdes out of Sir Phillipps landes 274 15 8
  To Sir Henry Lyndley 40 00 0
  To Mr Maddux 40 00 0
  To Mr Temple 30 00 0
  To Mr Vdall 40 00 0
  To Mr Adrian of Vlusshing 30 00 0
  Somme total of theis Annuities 454 15 8

Charges expended by your honor before your meanes left you as abouesaid were any way augmented


About the yeare 88 your honor was sent Ymbassidor into Scotland att which tyme your seruantes clokes were lyned with hare cullerd velvett and trymed with hare culler and gould lace which iorney was very chargeable vnto you./.


About 33 yeares agoe your honor was sent Ymbassidor into Fraunce att which tyme you made you 12 sutes of apparell and had one cloke lyned with sables which cost 250li also your Pages sutes and Footemens came to att the least 300li more besides your seruantes lyueries, by all which it may appeare that this iorney was likewise very chargeable vnto you as is well knowne vnto Mr Rowland White who cann declare more of this charge then I cann./.


After this att the tyme when Callis was beseiged by the Archduke your honor was sent to Bolloyne to the King of Fraunce which iorney was also very chargeable vnto you./.

fol. 3r

Also att the mariage of the Earle of Darbie there was a maske wherein your honor was one which cost you

Theis Lands were sould nere vppon 40 yeares agoe before I came to your honor./.

Theis occasions bringing your honor into debt you were constrayned to sell the land in Lincolnshire and the landes vppon the Downes and the landes which Mr Rodway had in Lease./.


Your honor also aboute 25 yeares agoe sould certaine landes in Wales which came by my Lady, vnto Sir Edward Lewis for some seauen or eight and twentie hundred Powndes. 1000li whereof was paid to Sir Peter Vanlore, in discharge of a Statute acknowledged to him by your honor and my Lord of Essex for soe much borrowed att your going into Fraunce, and 1500li of it was deliuered into the handes of the Earle of Pembrooke for part of my Lady Wroths porcion. but very shortly after it pleased Queene Elizabeth to graunt your honor the Mannor of Otford in Fee farme to you and your heires foreuer. For which your honor paid 2000li, For performaunce of which payment your honor had the 1500li back from the Earle of Pembrooke, and 1000li more was taken vpp by mee for your honor, 500li whereof was giuen to a partie whome I will forbeare to nominate. This 1000li borrowed for the purchase of Ottford was paid back with the monies made of the house, and I doe thinke 500li more./.


Att his late Maiesties coming into England your honor had theis landes ensuing./.

  Penshurst 400li per annum
  Lamberhurst 020 per annum
  Salehurst 020 per annum
  Mathersum 020 per annum
  Brightling 010 per annum
  Michelmershe 070 per annum
  Ottford 400 per annum
for the lands in Wales what it hath exceeded 600li a yeare for this 10 yeres there is sufficient allowance to make it good. The landes in Wales per annum 600 per annum
Woodruffe and the Drowned landes per annum 250 per annum

Your honors Fee as Gouernor of Vlushing 50li being deducted for the exchaunge per annum


Your honors Company, the exchaunge, and interest and other charges being deducted, yeilded yearely vntill Iune 1616 att which tyme the garrison was dissolued

450 per annum
Somme 3390 00 00
fol. 3v

Out of the foresaid somme of 3390li per annum were paid yearely the sommes ensuing (viz)

  To my Lady for apparrell 300li

For seruantes wages with the keeper of the Parke housekeeper and gardner and two liuery gownes for two gentlewomen per annum


To the Countesse of Clanrickard for her thirdes per annum

274 15 8

The charge of your honors houskeeping since his late Maiestie came to the crowne (accoumpting the many great Feastes your honor made for the Queene the Queenes brother the States and diuers of the Nobillitie both att Baynardes Castle and att Penshurst, and the charge of Dyett for Sir William and my Lord Lisle and theire followers att the Princes Courte and att Oxford, and 50li a yeare allowed to my Lady for lynnen) hath beine 38li a weeke one weeke with another att the least, for it was oftner more then lesse when there was noe extraordinary Feastes as appeares by the bookes of Morgan Hill <Gill> ^Glide^ and Stone which is per annum

  To Mr Temple per annum 030

To Sir Henry Lyndley for att least x yeares after the late King came to the Crowne per annum


Moreouer your Lordshipp allowed my Lady yearely in monie and silkes att the least per annum

  Somme total of theis yearely expences is 2900 15 8
This charge I doe accoumpt to end when Vlusshing went away which is vii yeares agoe./.

Now for the remaindor of your yearely reuennewes being but 500li per annum (and the same lessening by seuerall sales[)] I knowe was expended yearely by Sir William Sidney my Lord Lisle and my foure young Ladies, and as much more, but in respect the charge lessened by the mariage of my young Ladies and by the death of Sir William Sidney and of Sir Henry Lyndley, I doe estimate there charge att 500li per annum although there was not any of the young Ladies that did stand your honor in lesse then 300li per annum, and my Lady Phillipps attending on her grace was an extraordinary great charge to your honor./.


Soe that your honor may see by this that you had not any meanes left to defraye the charge of your owne expences in apparrell and dyett att the Court and other charges which were very great as I shall hereafter in some measure expresse but only by the sale of landes./.

fol. 4r

Your honors charge for apparrell


Att your honors going to meete the late King att my Lord Harringtons you made a Ierkin and hose of doue coloure satten laid thick with siluer lace with a doublett of cloth of siluer with a cloake of gray cloth lyned with velvett with very ritch buttons and a saddle laced likewise with siluer lace which suite and saddle cost att the least


Shortly after your honor made an ashe couler satten suite lade all ouer with a curle siluer lace the panes of open worke with a cullerd cloth cloake lyned with velvett which suite cost att the least


Shortly after att the Queenes coming into England your honor made a Ierkin and a paire of hose of black satten laced thick with a black silk and gould lace and drawne forth with cloth of gould, with a doublett of cloth of gould, and a black cloth cloake lyned with plushe with two silke and gould laces about with buttons and loopes knotted, with a hatt stockins, roses girdle and hangers sutable with a very ritch saddle which sute came att the least to


The charge of your honors robes when you were created a Baron came to

78 10 0

The charge of the Fees att your honors creacion of a Baron the gentleman Porter hauing your honors vpper garment came to in all

81 06 8
This suite was made against the mask att Hampton Court when the King and Queene came in from Wilton thither./.

The Christmas after the King and Queene came in your honor made you a sute of Russett cloth of gould and lyned a cloke with the same which cloth of gould being 17 yardes cost 3li 10s a yard which comes vnto 59li 10s the panes of the hose were ymbrothered which cost 30li, the ymbrotherer also had for ymbrothering two broad gards vppon euery seame of the doublett 20li. The outside of the cloke was of vncutt velvett which cost being viii yardes 12li 15s the cloke was laced with a gould lace to the very cape euery two yards of it wayed an oz: att vis the oz: and there was 36 dozen of lace vppon it, which with 20tie oz: of silke to sett on the lace came to 72li your honor had also to this sute a hatt ymbrothered with gould girdle and hangers ritch stockins garters roses pointes and shooes which with the making vpp of the suit came to so much as that the whole charge of this sute came to att the least


Your honor also made a white satten doublett lade all ouer with siluer lace overthwart only a smale pinck betweene and a paire of tawny satten hose laced all ouer with gould lace to the same doublett and a black silk grogran cloke laid about with 20 smale silk laces and lyned with ritch vnshorne velvett, this sute stood your honor in att the least

    859 16 8
fol. 4v

Against the late Kinges going through London your honor made a murrey satten sute the doublett ymbrothered all over in borders with seed pearle and great pearle of vii. and viiili the oz: the panes of the hose were ymbrothered in the same nature the drawing out of the panes and cannions were of cloth of tishue of viili the yard being 5 yardes with a girdle and hangers a scabberd a hatt and band and a paire of shoes ymbrothered with ritch garters and roses and pointes with siluer tagges this sute with the thinges abouemencioned came to


Your honor had to this suite a cloke of murrey satten ymbrothered all ouer with gould lyned also with murrey satten and ymbrothered with two borders of pearle about in the inside which cost

107 odd monie

Your honor had also a footecloth of murrey velvet ymbrothered very ritch all ouer with gould with a gold fringe round about which footecloth with the Sadlers worke came to


Against the first Parliament after the late Kinges coming into England your honor made a footecloth of black velvett laced with gould lace, old Mr Hynshawe had 80li of your honor for the lace and fringe and the xii yardes of velvett and making came to 25li more. Soe that this footecloth came to


Att the mariage of my Lord of Mountgomery your honor <your hon> made a sute of russett taffetie cutt with a white and laced all ouer with silver curle lace, with a cloke of russett vncutt velvett lyned with satten and laced with eight great broad curle siluer laces euery half yard weighing an ownce, with a smaler curle lace betwixt the greater with hatt stockinges and all thinges sutable, and likewise your honor gaue a gowne to my Lady of russett vncutt velvett trymed in the same manner as your honors cloake was both on the sleeues and aboute the skirt with a petticoate the charge of which sute gowne and petticoate came to att the least


Att the mariage of my Lord of Carlile your honor made a doublett of cloth of gould black with a paire of hose with panes and cannions and drawing out of the same which cost your honor


Att the mariage of my Lord of Essex your honor made a white cloth of tishue doublett with a paire of black hose cutt with white and drawne out with cloth of tishue which sute with such thinges as belonged vnto it cost your honor


When the late Queene made a maske att Whitehall wherein the Maskers came in like Moores your honor made a sute of Ashe coulor satten cutt with a peach coulor taffetie and laid on thick with siluer lace this sute cost your honor

    1036 00 0
fol. 5r

Att which tyme I borrowed of Mr Hanbury and Michaell Gouldsmiths and of Sir Iohn Spilman as many Iewells as were worth 10000li out of which Iewells there were two Dyamondes lost the loane of which Iewells and the dyamondes which were lost cost your honor


The charge of your honors robes when you were created a Viscount and of the fashion of your coronett came to


The charge of the Fees vppon that creacion came to

088 06 8

Att the Princes creacion your honor made a doublett of black siluer tishue laced with a black silk and silver lace with a paire of black fugured satten hose with foure gardes of satten ymbrothered and a cloke of fugured satten lyned with vncutt velvett and xvi gardes about which came to att the least


When the late Queene made a maske at Whitehall wherein my Lady Phillipp was one of the maskers your honor made your self a sute and my Lady Phillipp a ritch petticoat and a great many Iewells borrowed which sute petticoate and loane of Iewells cost your honor att the least


Your honor also made a sute against the tilting say then next ensuing laced with siluer lace and two other sutes against two other maskes which the Queene had which cost


Att the mariage of the Queene of Bohemia your honor bought of Mr Hull 18 yardes of cloth of tishue of 5li 10s the yard, for a sute and to lyne a cloke of tawny velvett ymbrothered with silk in borders two and two togeather with pointes striking vpp to the cape the ymbrothering of the cloke cost 50li the cloth of tishue cost 99li the velvett being viii yardes and an half cost 11li 6s 8d a tawny hatt and a paire of tawney velvett shooes ymbrothered with garters stockins roses and pointes with the making vpp of the suit cost att the least 20li Soe that the whole charge of this sute came to

180 odd monie

Against the mariage of my Lord of Rocksborough your honor made a cloth of tishue doublett and paine hose drawne out with cloth of tisshue with the canions of cloth of tisshue this sute your honor hath yett and your honor made you then also a black vncutt velvett cloke garded with broad gardes of satten ymbrothered very ritch this sute cost aboue


Against the mariage of the Lord of Somersett your honor made a tawney satten sute cutt and ymbrothered, and tooke out the tawney cloth of tisshue out of the tawney velvett cloke and lyned it with satten ymbrothered sutable to the sute, this suite ^came to^

    948 06 8
fol. 5v

Your honor also made att the same tyme a tawny tisshue doublett and a paire of hose of tawny vncutt velvett the doublett was laced with two smale satten laces in euery seame and the hose was laced all ouer two and two in a place byas with tawny satten lace of viiis the yard and the velvett cutt in flowers betwixt the borders this sute came to also att the least


Your honors charges of installment of knight of the garter were as followeth./.


Your coller of Esses came to att the least


The charge of making vpp your robes the king giuing the velvett, with the stringes and the ymbrothering of the garter vppon the robes with pearle with your sumpter cloths with the fees and other expences att the same tyme


The charge of altering your honors robes from a Viscounte to an Earle and for the coronett sword and belt


The Fees of your creating Earle came to

106 16 8

Your honor paid to Sir Iohn Spilman for three dozen of Dyamond buttons


I do finde that the charge of your honors ordinary sutes with hattes stockins garters roses pointes gloues lynnen and other necessaries one yeare with another hath stood your honor in <350>300li a yeare att the least which for 20 yeares is


Your honor made you two barges with a barge cloth ymbrothered and cushions of velvet and two Turkie carpettes for them and two sumpter clothes as a Baron which stood your honor att the least in


Att the Kinges coming in your honor made 81 clokes for your seruantes and those of the Kitchin had fiue yardes apiece allowed them the cloth was bought of one Phettiplace theis clokes came to

263 od monie

About fiue or sixe yeares after your honor made 83 clokes for your seruantes the cloth of those clokes was bought of Babbington and Bromley theis clokes came to


The blewe cloth which your honor hath giuen within theis 23 yeares being twice to all your seruantes in Kent Sussex Worcestershier and Wales and a third tyme in Kent and Sussex and att the two Saint Georges dayes hath cost att the least


The cognizaunces for theis coates cost your honor att the least


The charges of all kinde of apparell for your honors Pages and my Ladies, and of the two Gamages both in the tyme when they were Pages, and after and of your honors footmen and my Ladies and of your coachman and my Ladies and your honors groomes and hers haue cost your honor one yeare with another att the least 130 which for 20 yeares comes to

    10259 16 8
fol. 6r

Your honors expences in guiftes to poore gentlemen and decayed souldiers and others and to Doctors Chirurgions and Apothecaries and for other extraordinary expences as boath hire postage of lettres card play the poore when you went abroade and such like was yearely 300li att the least which in 20 yeares comes to


Besides att diuers tymes your honor gaue to Sir Iames Croftes Bethel Peroe, to an Italian which was of the priuy chamber to the Queene, to Monsier Block and to diuers gentlewomen about the Queene as Mistress Hartshead and others and to diuers gentlemen that were your followers satten and velvett which I include in the charge last going before.


I haue valued your honors ordinary apparell but att <350>300li per annum which indeed I might haue valewed att 400li for I knowe they came to no lesse for there was not a sute with the appurtenaunces but came to 25li vnlesse it was a cloth suit or a mourning sute, and you made att the least 16 sutes every yeare for Mr Bale made in sixe yeares 109 sutes and Mr Corrance made as many within the like tyme or more, as for Mr Griggs his bookes I haue not seene because his wife is maried into Northamptonshier, but I knowe they will not be lesse but rather more and for the certaintie thereof I haue sent to her to haue a veiwe of them, one Mr Hill wrought also about a yeare for your honor./


Mr Willett hath wraught for your honor theis foure or fiue yeares and you shall finde by his bookes that the proporcion is not lessened. Soe that it shall appeare vnto your honor by all theis mens bookes that your honor hath made within theis 20 odd yeares att the least 360 sutes besides gownes and cassocks and such like thinges.


For your honors lawe causes (viz) the suite with Sir Robert Dudley the suite with the Lord Barkley the suite with the Earle of Clanrickard and diuers other suites hath cost your honor within theis 20 odd yeares about


Your honor hath bought within 20 yeares diuers ritch beddes as one of russett cloth of siluer another of white cloth of siluer one of crimson velvett for my Lord Lisle and many carsey beddes and cannopies, and turkey carpettes and hanginges and other furniture which hath cost your honor att the least


The building of the gallery att Penshurst and of the stable and for the getting and hewing of the 100 and odd loades of stones which your honor gaue the Earle of Salisbury and a brick wall round about the orchard and garden and many other reparacions which I cannot now mencion hath cost your honor att the least

    <14100li 00 0>
    13600 00 0
fol. 6v

^Att the creacion of Prince Henry my Lord Lisle was made Knight of the Bath his apparell robes and fees att that tyme came to at the least

My Lady gaue my Lady Lisle a cupbord of siluer plate on the mariage day which cost 200li.

Your honor hath expended within theis 20 odd yeares in guiftes for your honor and my Lady and your children att mariages in court and att priuate mariages and att christeninges


Alsoe your honor hath expended in buying of plate for your owne house and for altering and mending of your plate


Your honor expended about the pattents in Fraunce and England for making of marble att the least


The funerall of Sir William Sidney with the ymbalming of the body and all other charges incident therevnto cost your honor 500li besides an accident knowne to your honor cost 500li more and your honor paid in discharge of his debtes 600li which is in all


The funerall of the Lady Mansell with the ymbalming of the body and other charges aboute the same cost your honor


The Countesse of Rutlandes funerall with the ymbalming of the body seruantes wages and guiftes to them with other charges touching that busines came to att the least

I include in this somme the charge of my Lord Lisles trauells in Fraunce and Germany.

Your honor expended in your iorney into Germany with her grace

Your honor paid to one Mr Lewis 600

Your honor lent the King vppon a priuy seale presently after your returne out of Germany


I compownded with Adrian of Vlushing for 9 yeares arrerages of an annuitie of 30li per annum left him by Sir Phillipp Sidney and for his annuitie during his life who is yett liuing for


Your honor paid to Peter Vanlore for the purchase of the Countesse of Clanrickardes thirds


Your honor paid to one Riccard for land bought of him being part of Wombell


I also compounded with one Tuesley who had a lease of Leigh parke for xii yeares worth declaro 50li per annum for


Your honor gaue Sir Thomas Tracie 100 peeces besides a bason and ewer of 30li which I doe not reckon here but puttes it in accoumpt with guiftes of plate


I deliuered by your honors appointment to Sir Thomas Morgan 1000 peeces which did amount with the interest of it before it was paid vnto


Your honor gaue in mariage with my Lady Mary


Your honor gaue in mariage with my lady Katherine


Your honor gaue in mariage with my Lady Phillipp


Your honor gaue in mariage with my Lady Barbery


My Ladies funerall with the ymbalming of the body and all other charges appertayning to it came to

    <28170 00 0>
    27770 00 0
fol. 7r
Your honor came often to the castle both vppon fasting nightes and other tymes where your honor took phisick sometymes orells your charge had bein greater att court./.

The charge of your honors table att court being extraordinary for diuers years att the Kinges first coming in and for fireing lightes lynnen seruantes wages and when you went in your iorneys abroad either with the Queene or to Vlusshing Wooton Vnderedge and other places with guiftes to the Kinges seruantes att Christmas which came to 60li per annum theis thinges cost your honor one yeare with another att the least 300li per annum which for 20tie yeares comes to


The charge of your honors stable att court being very great att the Kinges first coming in you then continually keeping fiue coach horses, and two or three nagges for your honors owne saddle, and eight or tenn horses for your honors seruantes with paddes and saddles for your self (two att the least yearely) and liuery saddles side saddles pillions great saddles for the great horse bittes snaffles horse clothes collers drinkes for them and shooing of them and the keeping of three great horses for tenn or twelve yeares with the charge of a Ryder who had 20li a yeare wages and 20li a yeare for board wages and two groomes and the charge of buying theis horses and sixe new coaches two of them being lyned with velvett one with seagreene and the other crimson laced with gould lace and the repayring and amending of coaches with coach harnes and other charges of that nature hath cost your honor one yeare with another att the least <350>300li per annum which comes in 20 yeares to

Somme 12000 00 0
  <69366 00 0>
Somme total of th'expences aforesaid is 66474li 00 0

A perticular of all such sommes of monie as your honor hath receaued vppon sale of landes or in any other kinde since the late King came to the crowne./.

Receaued of Sir Thomas Stukley for Michelmershe 3200li
Receaued of Mr Porter for Lamberhurst 2200

Receaued of Mr Culpeper for the Parsonage of Salehurst


Receaued for the rent of Wootton Vnderedge for fiue yeares before the agrement made betweene your honor and the Lord Barkley 300li per annum which in the whole is


Receaued of the Lord Barkley for composicion for Wootten Vnderedge


Receaued of Mr Harris for certain land in Worcestershier giuen to your honor by the Countesse of Huntington


Receaued of Mr Porter for Maddersham


Receaued of Mr Porter for the reuersion of Playden after the Countesse of Clanrickardes death

fol. 7v

Receaued of Richard Glide th'elder for a fyne of his Lease of Brightling


Receaued of Mr Glide for Brightling whereof his Father had a lease for xvi yeares to come att xli per annum


Receaued of Sir Thomas Smith for Ottford and Halden


Receaued of the late King by the handes of Sir Arthure Ingram for Alton Woodes


Receaued for woodes sould att seuerall tymes about Penshurst since the late King came to the crowne

If it had pleased god either vppon the disoluing of your gouernement att Vlusshing or vppon the death of hir highnes or vppon the death of my Lady (<if> I could haue preuaild either then or before[)] your honor had beine free out of debt. The exceeding number of your people did your honor as much hurt as any thing you can nominate for euery two your honor kept one would haue serued turne I haue discharged my self of theis things there is a god that cann beare me witnes./.

Receaued of Henry Cruttenden and myselfe for a lease of Halden and for the woodes there att two seuerall tymes


Receaued for the rent of Halden for fiue yeares begining in Ao 1612 when the Countesse of Rutland dyed and ending in Ao 1617 being then sould to Sir Thomas Smith


Receaued for the rent of Robertsbridge for 12 yeares begining in Ao 1612 when the Countesse of Rutland died being 800li per annum

Receaued of Prince Henry for Kenelworth 1200
Receaued of the Earle of Northumberland 6000

Receaued for plate and Iewells which was sould att seuerall tymes


Receaued for Ordynaunce att Vlusshing vppon deliuery of the cautionary towne


Receaued of Seriant Henden for Woodruffe and the drowned landes


Receaued vppon diuers occasions during your gouernment of Vlusshing from thence and att Court as Lord Chamberlaine

Your honors debtes att this present is 3500
Somme total. of the foresaid receiptes is 65950 00 0

I doe not bring into this accoumpt the 100li per annum which your honor had for your fee as Lord Chamberlaine to the late Queene because it was yearely expended for a new yeares guift for her Maiestie and for a peece of plate of 15li valewe for the Lady Rocksborough.


A particuler of such landes as haue beine sould by your honor./.

  The landes in Lincolnshire was per annum 200li

The landes vppon the downes in Sussex sould to Sir Thomas Sherley was per annum


The rent of the landes whereof Mr Rodway had a lease was worth to your honor 20li per annum there was three liues in being when it was sould one life is yett in being which land wilbe worth when the Lease is expired

120 per annum

The rent of Michelmershe was 70li per annum to your honor for 3 liues 2 lyues is yett in being this land when the Lease is expired wilbe worth per annum

fol. 8r

The rent of Lamberhurst was xxli per annum to your honor for 3 liues 1 life is yett in being this land when the Lease is expired I estimate per annum


The rent of Salehurst was xxli per annum for 1 life being now worth the Lease being expired per annum


The rent of Maddersham was xxli per annum and to your honor for 2 liues, both of them are yett in being this land wilbe worth when the Lease is expired

100 per annum

Playden did not yeild your honor any rent hauing it but in reuercion this wilbe worth when it falls

050 per annum

The rent of Brightling was xli per annum to your honor it being in Lease for 16 yeares which wilbe worth when the Lease is expired

120 per annum
  The rent of Halden is per annum 250

As for Ottford I doe not reckon it because your honor purchased it./.

  Somme total of land sould is per annum 1480 00 0

A particuler of such land as is brought by your Lordshipp to your house./.

  The land in Wales is per annum 1000li

The landes in Norsfer[??] giuen by Sir Henry Sidney being induced therevnto by your honors manifould fauors and curteseis aswell in England as in the lowe cuntries wilbe worth per annum att the least


Your honor by your noble and respectfull cariage towardes your nece the Countesse of Rutland did soe gaine her loue that she left Robertsbridge and Halden to your honor which if she had pleased she might haue giuen to any other Robertsbridge wilbe worth per annum


Soe that it appeareth that your honor hath but sould from your house (it being valewed att the vttermost ymprouement[)] but per annum


And hath brought vnto your honors house foreuer per annum


Vnto which Penshurst being added which you gained by much trouble the yearely reuennew <wilbe> vnto your heire wilbe per annum

4000 or nere vppon

He that hath sould as many Thowsandes yearely as your honor hath donne 100des hath not vndergone soe many Censures as you haue done. But theis censurerers neuer take to theire consideracion the vnavoydable charge which hath fallen vppon your honor nor the charge of the birth of Eleauen children and theire educacion sixe of them liuing vntill they came to mens and womens estate. I must confesse that much of your charge in houskeeping and apparell for your selfe and children might haue binne saued as I haue many tymes made bould to informe your honor./.

fol. 8v

And here I intend for the better explanacion of your honors extraordinary charge in the mariage of your daughters to make an expression how the monies were taken vpp which were giuen in mariage with my young Ladies and what it did amounte vnto before it was discharged.

For theis guiftes that your honor hath giuen for theis 34 yeares in Valentines and newyeares guiftes to the valew of 351li I will take it vppon my death that I know not of aboue 150li that I haue, might haue or euer had any iealousie. the parties, that <presented> had them new yeares guiftes may be no-minated without any preiudice to them or to your honor.

When my Lady Mary was maried there was 600li borrowed of Mr Goulding and 400li elswhere which made vpp 1000li which was paid to Sir Robert Wrath, this 1000li was 1600li before it was paid I doe meane with the interest, then 1500li was paid out of the Lord Bartleys monie vnto Mr Iohn Wrath the remainder being 500li Sir Robert Wrath gaue to my Lady Mary which she calling for, it was taken vpp att interest and soe continued foure yeares before you coulde paie it in, this monie was paid out of the fine att Halden soe your honor may see this monie wantes but a little of 4000li. Then for my Lady Mansells porcion I borrowed vppon the plate and the Iewells 1000li which was paid to Sir Thomas Mansell att his lodging in Fleet street, this was fiue yeares before it was paid in, then your honor assigned 1500li more out of Wales soe this made that some 3000li, during which tyme that your honor tooke this monie out of Wales your house rann in debt, for soe much as should have come from thence. Now for the mariage of my Lady Phillipp there was 600li taken vpp vppon a statute to Mr Bray, whereof 300li was giuen to my Lady Phillipp to buy her clothes, 100li to my Lady for the dinner for three meales, the other 200li was spent by your honor then there was 1000li taken vpp for the first payment vppon Sir Frauncis Barnhams Mr Gouldinges and my bonde, then the interest of this monie for two yeares came to 320li soe then att th'ende of two yeares I was faine to take vpp 4000li more of Mr Meredith to paie 1500li more to my Lord Hubberde which was left vnpaide in full satisfaccion of 4000li and the other 2500li paid Sir Thomas Watson, 1000li of Sir Thomas Watsons monie went to paie my Lord Hubberde and 1000li Owen Evans receaued, and the other 500li was paid by Sir Thomas Watson to Mr Hull, the interest of the 4000li for two yeares came to 800li and the interest of the 1600li for two yeares more came to 320li, soe that your honor may see, the mariage of my Lady Phillipp came to 5540li which wanted not much of the monie receaued for the sale of Ottford; no body will beleiue this, but I would haue theis talkers to vnderstand how busines is before theire tongues goe soe bitter. Now my Lady Barberies porcion was receaued thus, 2000li out of my Lord of Northumberlandes monie and the other 2000li was satisfied out of Wales, but your honor borrowed 500li of it of Mr Smith which is vnpaid yett, and this monie that was paid to them out of Wales was but borrowed monie, in respect the house did runn in debt all this while. Now I would haue your honor to declare your self what charges you haue binn att in sending nagges into Germany and the lowe cuntries and the charges that you haue beine att with Irishe grayhoundes and mastiues, att the least 30tie of theis, haue beine sent into Germany and Fraunce within theis xxtie yeares and ordinary collers of leather and velvett collers to present them in and a great deale of monie to the parties that carried them ouer. Subsidies I haue neuer mencioned in any of theis thinges because I doe not knowe how many haue binn paid nor other charges vppon your landes by the Sheriffes for olde debtes. but whereas the world doth conceaue that you haue expended a greate estate in needles guiftes and other wastful expences, and that I haue binne priuie to those expences, which is a great espercion to your honor, I haue therefore thought good thus farr, to clere your honor herein and my self that I protest in the presence of god I haue not in theis 30 odde yeares knowne your honor to expend in any guift more then what I formerly declared, aboue 351li which was giuen in Valentines or new yeares guiftes to honorable Parsonages the which were presented by others and not by me and of the truth hereof I will receaue the Sacrament.   

fol. 9r

I haue made bould in the lynes ensuing to declare somewhat touching my self which I desire your Lordshipp would be pleased to peruse.


About Foure and Thirtie yeares agoe I was earnestly solicited by Mr Ralphe Ray to become the seruant of the Lord Hunsdon then Lord Chamberlaine to <the> Queene Elizabeth, and to that end I spoke with my Lord myself, but vnderstanding by Mr Mathew Ray that your honor was to goe ymbassidor into Fraunce, and being alsoe moued by him to serue your honor in your Wardrobe and promised to be kindly vsed, and being also of myself desirous to see the cuntry I made choise of your honors seruice rather then of my Lorde of Hunsdons, since which tyme I haue continued in your honors seruice, the paines I tooke in that voyage, and after in the lowe cuntries, and since not only in your honors affaires but in my Ladies and your children, aswell in theire youth before theire seuerall mariages as sithence hath bein extraordinary great, there is a god that knowes how great my loue hath binn to you and yours euer sithence my first entraunce into your seruice, and that my cheifest care and studdy next to the seruice of my god hath beine for the goode of you and yours, but man who sees not the hart as god doth, and being alsoe proud to maligne the prosperitie of other men is subiect to err in their Iudgment and ready to cast espercions, and passe their erronious censure vppon men without any iust ground, into which euill notwithstanding my great paines and vpright hart I am fallen and therefore I haue made boulde to make a short expression of some particulars whereby your honor and the worlde may receaue true informacion of that smale estate wherewith it hath pleased god to indowe me, and how by the blessing of god I haue attained vnto it, whereby I hope I shall giue such satisfaccion to all honest hartes, that maugre the malice of the Deuill I shall clere myself. It hath beine reported that I haue an estate of 7000li, it is my hope (that although I assure myself you haue heard of this falce report) that your honor is soe farr from giuing out any such report, that you neuer thought or conceaued any such thing. for I am soe farr from any such estate that whosoeuer will giue me 1000li and paie my debtes shall haue all the estate I haue in the worlde (my clothes and bedd I lye on excepted) and I blesse god for this for I haue not attained to it without his blessing and my extraordinary care and paines and of the truth hereof (I meane that my estate is no greater[)] I wilbe ready to receaue the Sacrament or make any corporall oth before any Magistrate. In the tyme your honor was in Fraunce I gott by work in my trade of Sir Anthonie Shurley and Sir Nicholas Clifford against the french Kings coronacion 100 french crownes, and when your honor was in the lowe cuntries it pleased your honor to send me often into England with packetts some of which yeilded me many tymes viiili sometymes vili and sometymes vli, by theis occasions passing to and fro and obseruing what Englishe commodities were vendible there and what were commodious to transporte from thence into England, I entered into a course of trade by which I gott some monies the commodities I usually carried from hence were white carseies fustians silk stockins and diuers other thinges in exchaunge whereof I brought from thence into England tobacco flax woad and many other thinges

fol. 9v

tobacco being in those dayes a commoditie whereby much monie was to be gotten for I bought one parcell whereby I might have gott 300li by theis meanes I had gathered togeather 300li or thereaboutes att the late Kinges coming into England which I had disposed of as followeth 100li I putt into the handes of Sir Peter Vanlore an other 100li I deliuered into the handes of Sir Iohn Fleming being vnwilling att my coming from Vlusshing to bestowe it in commodities for that the sicknes was then begunn in London whereby I did feare trade would be soe dead that I shoulde not vend any commodities, and the other 100li I did retaine in my owne handes wherewith I gott much monie in the yeare of the great sicknes by transportacion of carseys perpetuanaes and fustians and many other commodities which I then delt in, and much more coulde I haue gott if the care of your honors affaires had not beine a lett and hindraunce to me, For then lying sick att London your honor and my Lady were pleased to ymploye ^me^ in your affaires and before that tyme I neuer entermedled with disbursing any of your honors monies. After th'ende of the yeare of the great sicknes your honor gaue me three watermens places to the late Queene which yeilded me 40li, which 40li I after gaue vnto your honor for a Lease in reuercion of some lande in Kent there being sixe yeares to come in the old Lease during all which tyme I had no benefitt of the 40li, att th'end of the sixe yeares I was inforced (being not otherwise able to shunn discontent) to passe away this Lease for which I had 100li. Also your honor gaue me viiid a day at Vlusshing theis thinges with now and then a sute of clothes were all I euer had from your honor for I neither had yearely wages nor board wages and althoughe I must acknowledge I gott other monies in your honors seruice, yett it came not out of your honors purse or you thereby damaged. as for example when a company fell att Vlusshing many tymes those that delt with your honor for them made vse of me to take vpp monies for them and to ingage my credditt with them for it and gaue me xxmks or xxli for my paines. and some smale matter I gott when thinges fell att courte but my trading <[six words deleted]> was the maine meanes of the aduauncement of that smale estate I had ^For vppon the mariage of my wife I putt 400li into the handes of one Knowles a Westcuntry Factor who had the ymployment of it Fower yeares and made it in that tyme as appeared by his accoumptes which I haue yett to shewe Eighte Hundred Powndes^ and for an addicion vnto that I had as Mr Taylor can iustifie 200li with my wife and more I should haue had (if Sir Thomas Maye had bein an honest man[)]. Now when theis thinges shalbe truly considered and my long painefull and faithfull seruice putt in ballance with that which I had from your honor, I hope your honor and the world will acknowledge, that if that which I had, had beine much more it had not beine vndeserued. I saued your honor 100li a yeare in your checkes and your sommes and many other good seruices I did, which (althoughe they be forgott) I will forbeare to mencion, being alwayes right gladd whensoeuer an occasion was ministred wherein I might expresse my true and vnfeigned affeccion towardes you and yours, the sundry supplies of monie that your honor hath had by my meanes within theis xxtie yeares and my seuerall ingagementes hath bein such that if I had done your honor no other seruice, had deserued as great loue, reward and respect as I haue had, and I am

fol. 10r

verily persuaded that my loue to your honor in theis occasions hath bein an especiall cause that moued your honor and the world to Iudge my estate to be greater then it is, which was a poore requitall of soe great a seruice, an other occasion which I conceaue drewe on this opinion of my estate was the purchase of the Lease att Halden by my brother Cruttenden and my self for which we paid 2300li to your honor 1300li for the Lease and 1000li for the woodes as for his part he was faine to sell 60li per annum to furnishe his monie, and I had but 600li towardes my part of the monie, being forced to mortgage the Lease as my fellow Emott knowes to Mr Reeue for some part of the remainder of the monie, and to take vpp the rest vppon bondes vntill we had made monie of the woodes. Theis thinges being truly vnderstood I hope will cause all good men to conceaue that the setters a broach of theis falce reportes haue no iust grounde for what they saie but are moued therevnto meerely out of a malice and euill will they haue conceaued against me for that I liue of my self; But I beseech god to forgiue them, god knowes and my conscience tells me, that I haue nothing but what I haue gained truly and honestly, and that I haue spent 500li in your honors seruice which I thinke well bestowed for I will euer acknowledge I haue serued a noble master, and if your honor shall receaue such satisfaccion hereby that if you haue hertofore conceaued amisse you shall now see your owne error and theire malice that were the causers thereof, I desire noe more, <haue> ^having^ the peace of a good conscience which is to me a continuall Feast.

[Nevitt's cipher/paraph here; the following
 evidently an afterthought]

I must not neglect your noble fauors, which you formerly promised to doe for me either in Warwickshier or ellswhere and to leaue it me during my life. I doe remember when the Prince of Orange was att Lilloe, he toulde your honor that he woulde lande att Vlusshing the next day in that manner as your honor toulde me as though he woulde dine att Middleborough, but your honor did invite him to Vlusshing, and sent me at sixe of the clock att night thither, to prouide for his dinner and likewise to prouide lodginges for him to retire in, the which I did make ready and did hang the roomes fitt for him and for others, as my Lord of Northumberlande for one and had prouided the dinner for him and for 300 persons more by one of the clock the next day. This haue I done with twentie other thinges more famous, and many a desperate thing haue I entered into, to supply your honors wantes to tedious to relate. I haue receaued within 34 yeares from your honor two sutes of cloth one with a cloake, and thother without and a black velvett cloak, this is all that I euer receaued from your Wardrobe. I that haue kept your furrs this 34 yeares and 20 odde yeares your robes (theis thinges being as good att this houre, as they were att the first houre they came to my keeping) had thought that my care therein would haue deserued a suite of clothes or a cloake once a yeare I haue taken vpp by Exchaunge within theis 20 odd yeares 10000li or 12000li for your honor vppon my owne bill, for yours woulde not be accepted without paying brokage the which the merchant himself coulde not doe for he giueth iis vid for euery 100li he taketh vpp in the same manner, If this be not true that there was neuer a penny allowed by your honor for brokage I am a villaine and desire neuer to be trusted. How many 1000li I haue taken vpp for you in this kinde, I will leaue vnnumbered for my parte I neuer had any allowaunce made me by your honor for any of theis thinges. I haue spent 50li in looking for some suit that might be had from his Maiestie for you. and I haue euer liued of my self in your honors seruice. I must needes be an humble suitour vnto your honor for one thinge which is that I might knowe that man which toulde you I was worth 7000li, because I woulde as I receaued 6000li and odd 100li of it in figures and shadowes restore it him againe. I see no reason but that by gods prouidence if I had beine for my self I might haue beine as ritch as Sir William Crauen was. As neere as I cann remember thinges I haue as I shall answere before god sett downe nothing but the truth in this booke according to your honors desire./.


The following letters were sent from Nevitt to Robert Sidney, 2nd Earl of Leicester, in the aftermath of his father's death in 1626. The first is appended to the above account in Add. MS 12066; the second is in a volume of letters relating to the Sidney family, Add. MS 17520, fol. 30r. Foliation refers to the leaves of the bifolium letter in each case.

fol. 2v
  To the Right Honorable
my very good Lord
and Master the Earle
of Lecester att
Essex house
give these.
fol. 1r

Right Honorable I came to you to Essex House thinking that your Honor would have determined or consulted with mee of some goode concerning your self, because you see howe this tyme is, and that my Lord of Doncaster nor any other can prevaile in any thing in this tyme of want, I thought to have had some allowance from you if I had runne a course for your Honors good but I sawe your honor cutt mee of quicklie in finding fault verie harshly aboute the thinges which were praised heere For the thinges which were praised in the countrie I did what possible I could in your Honors behalf and that both honestlie and trulie, And for the praising the thinges here (whatsoeuer your Honor thinkes thereof[)] I was worthey of than<c>kes for I protest before god I did what I could doe there lickwise if it had bine for my owne soule. I did expect agreate deale of thankes from your Honor, for I protest I have spent dailie every daie foure, five, sixe, seaven, shillinges yea and sometimes more in going about these businesses of the tallie, from white Hall, to Westminster, and from Westminster to the customehouse, and to divers other places vpp and downe, the St. Georges roabe is due vnto mee being adead roabe, for if your Honor shalbee called to the place you shall have anewe one given vnto you. I have kept your Fathers wardroabe these 36 yeares and I have deserued some thing in keeping the furrs and roabes and if your Honor shall desier to vnderstand what I have had in so many yeares I shall be readie to declare vnto your Honor the truth thereof, Mr Addams hath writt to Sir Frauncis Barnham and the parishoners doth keepe much adoe about the Church duties which should have bine first discharged, but hath remained soe long unsatisfied the which Mr Parrie might have satisfied before this tyme, and have left other thinges vnpaid, And soe I humblie take my leave and rest


From my Lodging at Paules wharf neere Baynard Castel this 10th of October 1626

Yours honors servant in all dutifull
service  Thomas Nevitt
I pray you send mee word when your Honor is come to Essex House.
[the following is written sideways in the left margin]

For the thinges here at London because you find such extrordinarie fault looke how much they are sett att you shall haue as much more for them therefore doe not yow finde fault where their is none nor slite mens <care> speciall care as thought it ware nothing



fol. 2v
  To the right honorable my
verie good Lord and
Master the Earle of
Leicester att
Penshurst in Kent
this bee deliuered././.
fol. 1r

Right Honorable It was my hard fortune to bee in towne att this time, for for theis seaven yeares past I have not binne worse able to vndergoe theis charges I am and have binne att, then nowe I am. I have delivered both Inventaries to Mr Geeres, but hee cannott engrose them and perfect them because the <I> choller of Esses, Georges and garters are nott yett praised. If your Honor had left <with> them with mee they should have binne as safe with mee as in your Honors owne handes (had they binne worth a thousand Millions). I purpose the next weeke to forsake the cittie, after which tyme I purpose not to be heere in hast. I was within theis two daies with Mr Long, and hee tould mee that I did followe him over earnestlie in the busines, for if hee should but make an offer ^to have an order^ att this tyme I should never have a pennie, because his Maiestie hath none, neither can it bee donne till after Christmas, then I did tell him that the monie which I had found in the customehouse would bee otherwise disposed of, but hee tells mee that it cannot bee disposed of but according to his direccons. And nowe for the tallie and this warrant, they are but as thinges to shewe my Lord Treasurer what wrong hath binne offered to my Lord deceased; The warrant and Tallie are not worth any thing. Nowe if your Honors desire is that I should demaund the Tallie, it wilbee a thing taken monstrous ill, howsoever if your Honor will have mee to doe it I will doe it. The creditors I dare assure your Honor will neither accept of Tallie nor warrant <and> this is one of the meanest reason of twentie that I will shewe vnto your Honor. Your Honor hath 250li due vnto you from my Lord; if this monie bee never receaved your Honor can never have a pennie of that Suppose your Honor did give 100li <f> out of that then your Honor shall have 150li which your Honor shall never have else: But Your Honor makes a matter of noe matter, for there is noe man that receaves it but would abate with all his soule and hart. Mr White is a man that goes as neere in the world as any man can doe, hee hath had a privie seale this three past for a thowsand Markes and hee Made his waie with one but none where I am, and I protest if I could have receaved the monie for him this vacation I was to give 100li out of sixe hundred. I desire your Honor

fol. 1v

to have that good opinion of mee as to thinke I doe not your busines carelesly. I did not this without good advise and I had thought your Honor would have given mee manie thankes for my paines therein: for whether it take effect or not I have endeavoured what lies in mee to performe. The gentleman who is engaged for it makes noe doubt of it soe soone as any monies come in. Mr Addams hath binne very ymportunate aboute this monie, and Mr Geeres (who is one of the cheif of the parishe) marvailes it is not paid. I went to my Ladie and desired her to have some monie for the discharge of theis thinges, and shee tould mee that shee hoped that Your Honor would bee contented to allowe her these goodes for the 50li your Honor had of her when my Lord was sick, and shee did (as I finde by her) expect that you should have proffered it vnto her your self; trulie I never knewe of this. Her kinsman the Lawyer and Mr Austen with <mee> him and tould mee that Mr Ratcliffe hath a Iudgement against Emott for 100li and hee would have this 50li in parte of payment of the 100li and this was all tould mee the verie same daie you came out of London, att which two assaultes I was much amazed; wherefore I did desire to have 33li of my Ladie for payment of theis thinges, because I would putt them both out of their bias [/bids?] for anie of that monie. I tould Mr Ratcliffe I marvaild hee would speake to mee aboute theis thinges considering I was but a servant. Out of the 33li I have paid the Plummer Mr Addams and the Surgeon 22li odd monie and have paid and reserved to my self iiiili ixs and id which your Honor knowes of, and vili I have reserved likewise vnto my self in parte of payment for my charges laid out in my being heere and for other charge laid out as by my bill maie appeare. For there is noe man to bee satisfyed sooner then ^nor before^ my self, and soe saith Mr Geeres for somebodie must followe the busines, and I knowe none to deserve paie better then hee which doth it. Mr Locherson makes a lamentable mone. If that Your Honor doth not appoint the interest monie to bee paid privatelie for the 100li and the 20li and likewise the interest monie to bee paid for the Agnett both Mr Lochersons bond and Mr Hawes will be putt in suite, Of which I thought good to enforme Your Honor. Mr Geeres charges aboute this busines I feare will come to 20tie markes

[the following is written sideways in the left margin]

The Harroldes have punished mee greivouslie, and if your Honor bee not heere verie shortlie I feare two of them will come downe. They saie it is 35li sett downe by the Earle Marshall and the Lordes of the Councell whether there bee a funerall or not, And soe having nothing els to trouble your Honor withall att this tyme I humblie take leave and will ever rest <Your Honors>

From my lodging neere vnto Baynardes Castle in London this 26th daie of October 1626
Your Honors servant in all dutifull seruice to be commaunded in what I may.
Thomas Nevitt


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