How To: Print to DS Print Printers from a Macintosh

So, printing from your own laptop to a Desktop Services printer is fairly easy on a PC (Basically, just following the instructions on the UIS web site seem to do the trick!). However, on a Mac, several things can go a bit weird, I’ve noticed, so I wrote up a step-by-step guide. (The one on the UIS web site doesn’t, as of the writing, take any of the weirdnesses into account and it can be very difficult to find the right answer!)

To start with, this is going to look complicated, but I promise, just type or copy and paste all the commands exactly as I’ve got them here and you should have no trouble! :)

These instructions detail how to install Engl_FindMe (which prints to the photocopiers). You can install various other printers, as well, and I will list those at the bottom of this post, along with their locations and a link to the list of all DS Print printers in the University.

First, install the driver for the printer you want to use. The links below contain the correct Apple MacOS drivers for the printers we currently use. They are .dmg files, which you should be able to open and install as with any other software.
Engl_FindMe   (Konica C754e)

1) Go to System Preferences -> Printers & Scanners

2) Click the + sign on the left-hand side underneath the list of printers.

3) Click Advanced (if you don’t see advanced, you need to add it: hold the ctrl key on your keyboard and click next to the icons at the top – the last one should be ‘Windows’ – and choose ‘Customize Toolbar…’ from the pop-up menu. A little window pops up and the second icon should be a little gear-wheel sort of picture with the word Advanced under it. Drag that up to the bar next to the Windows icon (where the grey square is in the image below) and hit ‘Done’).

4) Type: select from the dropdown list “Windows printer via spoolss

5) Device should be: Another Device

6) Copy and paste this into the URL field: smb://

7) Name: change to: Engl_FindMe

8) Location: can be left blank

9) Use: Choose Select Software and then select Konica C754e from the dropdown list. Click Add.
(N.B. : It doesn’t matter, in the English Faculty Building, if the copier you want to print to is in the library or elsewhere, this driver should work fine. To print to any of the HP Printers [Engl_FastRelease, Engl_Lib_BW, Engl_ASNC_BW, Engl_Grad_BW], choose Generic PCL Driver from the dropdown instead of Select Software.)

Tick the ‘Duplexer‘ box and click OK.

The Printer should now be added to your available printers within Printers & Scanners.

10) Go to: to download the PaperCut Client for Mac. Save this file and then, when it’s finished, double click on the PaperCut_v17.1.3_macOS_client.dmg icon in your Downloads folder. N.B. The PCClient file would normally need to be copied into your Applications folder.

I’m going to have you copy the files using a program called ‘Terminal’, since you’ll need that again in a moment.

Once you’ve clicked on the PaperCut_v17.1.3_macOS_client.dmg icon, you should see a window with a file called PCClient and a folder called Widget. Ignore this window and just X out of this PaperCut Client window.


To open Terminal, click on the ‘Go‘ menu in Finder (your desktop) and choose: Utilities

Double click the ‘Terminal‘ app.

Copy and paste the following into the screen that comes up:

cp -R /Volumes/PaperCut\ Client\ v17.1.3/ /Applications

It will take a minute or so to run and it will look like it’s not doing anything. Just ignore it until the prompt comes back. (see image below)

Terminal App

11) You’ll now need to run PCClient. Click on the ‘Go‘ menu in Finder (your desktop) and choose: Applications. Click that and look for PCClient. Double click on PCClient to run it.


It will ask you to log in. What it wants is your Raven username and password. I would also tick the box that says ‘Remember my identity‘ then click OK.

PCClient Login

It will look like as if nothing has happened, but if you look up at the top right of your screen, you should see a new icon near the clock:

new icon

12) In Terminal, copy and paste the following as is:
sudo lpadmin -p Engl_FindMe -o auth-info-required=username,password

(N.B. Do not replace the ‘username,password’ above with your own username and password. It’s just telling the system what it needs to ask for, that’s all, not identifying you at this point!)

Other printers you can install are:

Engl_Grad_BW (This is the printer in the graduate study room)
Engl_Lib_BW (This is the printer in the ground floor Desktop Services room of the library)
Engl_Lib_F1_BW (This is the printer on the first floor of the library)
Engl_ASNC_BW (This is the printer in the ASNC Common room)

In order to install any of these, follow the instructions above except any place where it says Engl_FindMe, replace that with the name of the printer exactly as listed above before the parentheses).

13) Restart your computer. In theory, you should now have the Engl_FindMe printer in your list of printers.

If, for any reason, you need to log in to PCClient again, you have to press ctrl on your keyboard and click the PCClient icon by the clock in order to choose ‘Login as’ from the menu. (I don’t know why it doesn’t work with a standard click, but there you go!) Do that and enter your Raven username and password again.

If you get stuck, please do come and see me and I’ll do my very best  to help! :)