How to: Create a Searchable PDF when scanning with a Copier on the First Floor

When scanning a document as a PDF it is possible for the scanner to make the text of the PDF searchable and selectable. This function is normally called Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

N.B. On the Multi-Function Devices (MFD) with-in the Faculty of English this function is called “Searchable PDF”

To use this function you change the following setting before you scan any of your documents.

1. From the main scanning page select Compact PDF under File Type.

2. On the next window select PDF Detail Settings.

3. In the PDF Detail Setting window select Searchable PDF. N.B. it should currently say OFF.

4. In the Searchable PDF setting window first select ON.

5. The default language is set to English. If the document you are scanning is in a different language you will need to change this to the correct language for the document you are scanning. N.B. This function will only work for the listed languages. It will also not convert the text to a different languages.

6. Select OK and confirm that the setting has been saved by noting the language under Searchable PDF.

7. Select OK to return to the main scanner page. Now use the scanner as you would normally.