Audio Visual Equipment

N.B. Please book all AV equipment with reception, even those pieces of equipment which are built-in to the rooms. This will notify the custodians that the AV equipment needs to be checked beforehand and arrangements made if something isn’t working.

Available in Seminar Rooms (GR03, GR04, GR05, GR06/07, SR24):

  • DVD player (also used for playing CDs) (Multi-Region)
  • Blu-Ray Player (Region B/Region 2 ONLY)
  • VHS video player (NTSC and PAL playback)
  • Data projector with VGA and HDMI connections
  • Overhead (transparency) projector (On request)
  • PC and touch screen monitor
  • HDMI and VGA connections
  • Wireless for borrowed or personal laptops

Available in Meeting Rooms (Board Room, SR14, SR25, TR26):

  • Data Projector
  • Wireless

Available in the Drama Studio:

  • Built-in Projector with VGA and HDMI connections
  • Built-in ‘surround sound’ speakers for use with the permanent projector
  • Bookable portable projector
  • Audio Desk with separate speaker system
  • Lighting Desk (for assistance with lights, please contact reception)

Other Equipment Available to Book:

  • Laptops

Laptops should be booked with reception when you book your room. If you plan to use a laptop for your booking – even if you’re using your own – please let reception know. Occasionally equipment breaks, and its much less disruptive to teaching if we know you need it in advance and can put temporary solutions in place.

  • Visualiser

The visualiser should be booked with reception when you’re booking the room. I only have one of these, so it’s first come, first served.

  • Slide Projectors

Slide projectors should be booked with reception when booking the room. There are two available.

  • Portable Data Projectors

The Faculty has one portable data projector that may be checked out to use outside the building. e.g. if you’re holding a conference at college and need an extra one. Please book this with reception.

  • Portable Screen

Most rooms have projection screens installed, but not all. If you’re unsure whether the room you’re booking has a screen, check with reception. If the room does not have a screen, we have a portable screen we can set up for you.

(Updated 5 October 2017)