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Biographical Information

From Michaelmas 2020 I am a College Associate Lecturer and Director of Studies (for Pt I) at St John's College, of which I have been a member since 2015 when I joined as a Research Fellow.

Besides my undergraduate teaching (on a range of early-modern, modern and transhistorical topics), I am working intermittently on a project concerned with some aspects of the influence of John Ruskin and Walter Pater on subsequent anglophone writing about aesthetic experience, particularly with regard to its moral dimensions or implications. Dramatis personae include Vernon Lee, Bernard Berenson, Geoffrey Scott, Adrian Stokes and Marion Milner. I am also editing a new anthology of poems and essays by Alice Meynell.

                                                                         Shadow and Refrain

Research Interests

English poetry of the early modern period until about 1700; English Renaissance verse in relation to Renaissance Latin verse.

The influence, imitation, appreciation and criticism of early modern English literature in later British culture, especially in the 'long' nineteenth century.

Victorian literature, with an emphasis on authors associated with the Aesthetic Movement.

Essayists, critics and writers on aesthetic matters from the nineteenth century onward, especially in the tradition of Ruskin and Pater.

Modern poetry and its discontents.

Form, style and genre.

Writing on food. Hawaiiana. Irony.


Selected Publications


The Poetry of Kissing in Early Modern Europe: From the Catullan Revival to Secundus, Shakespeare and the English Cavaliers (Boydell and Brewer, 2017).     xxx

  The Poetry of Kissing in Early Modern Europe     


Selected Essays of Walter Pater (Carcanet, 2018).

Walter Pater, Selected Essays, ed. Alex Wong

Selected Verse of Algernon Charles Swinburne (Carcanet, 2015).



[Commissioned: a chapter on Walter Pater’s critical studies of Shakespeare, for a book on Pater as a critic of English literature, ed. Charles Martindale, Lene Oestermark-Johansen and Elizabeth Prettejohn (CUP, forthcoming).]

‘The Gourmand as Essayist: Style and Irony in the Culinary Essays’, in Elizabeth Robins Pennell: Critical Essays, ed. Dave Buchanan and Kimberly Morse Jones (Edinburgh University Press, 2021), pp. 153-70.

Elizabeth Robins Pennell

‘Catullus in the Renaissance’, in The Cambridge Companion to Catullus, ed. Ian Du Quesnay and Anthony Woodman (CUP, 2021), pp. 318-42.

The Cambridge Companion to Catullus

‘ “Non Sum Qualis”: Three Comparative Readings’, in In Cynara’s Shadow: Collected Essays on Ernest Dowson, ed. Alice Condé and Jessica Gossling (Peter Lang, 2019), pp. 57-84.

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A brief appreciation of poems by Nell Prince, Carcanet Press Blog, 2021. Online here.

A short reading of Christopher Middleton’s poem ‘The Space of the Mandarin Duck’, Jogos Florais, 2017. Online here.

Review of Sara Lyons, Algernon Swinburne and Walter Pater: Aestheticism, Doubt, and Secularisation (Legenda, 2015), in Studies in Walter Pater and Aestheticism, 2 (Autumn 2016), 88-91.

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Shadow and Refrain

Poems Without Irony