Dr Daniel Tyler, Trinity Hall




Biographical Information

I am Director of Studies in English and the Vice-Master at Trinity Hall. I arrived in Cambridge in 2017; before then I was at Oxford, most recently as a Departmental Lecturer at Balliol College. 

Research Interests

Most of my research focuses on fiction and poetry of the nineteenth century. I am particularly interested in the way that matters of form, style and technique shape meaning. I have edited a collection of essays on Dickens’s Style which demonstrates the rewards of attending in detail to Dickens’s verbal techniques. Following on from that volume, I have edited a collection called On Style in Victorian Fiction, a set of essays on Victorian fictional styles more broadly and I have also edited The Cambridge Companion to Prose, a handbook discussing prose techniques across a range of genres and periods, designed for students of literature and creative writing alike. I am finishing a monograph on the future-directed orientation of narrative in nineteenth-century novels, which considers narrative process and propulsion in a wide range of the period’s fiction, with chapters on Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and George Eliot. I am also interested in manuscript studies, editing and textual criticism. I have edited Dickens’s The Uncommercial Traveller for Oxford University Press as well as a collection of essays on the manuscript drafts of Victorian poems, also for OUP, called Poetry in the Making, which shows the benefits of bringing textual criticism and literary criticism together to enliven our understanding of the poems themselves. I am editing Bleak House for the Oxford Edition of the Works of Charles Dickens (formerly the Clarendon Edition) and Great Expectations for the Norton Critical Editions series.

Selected Publications

On Style in Victorian Fiction (Cambridge University Press, 2021)

The Cambridge Companion to Prose (CUP, 2021)

Poetry in the Making (Oxford University Press, 2021)

The Uncommercial Traveller (OUP, 2015; paperback 2021)

Dickens's Style (CUP, 2013)