Dr Hero Chalmers, Fitzwilliam




Biographical Information

I studied for my B.A. and DPhil at Oxford where I wrote a thesis on seventeenth-century writing by women. I am a Fellow, College Lecturer and Director of Studies (Part I) in English at Fitzwilliam College.

Research Interests

I am currently engaged in various strands of research designed to contribute to the process of refining our understanding of the complex relations between poetics and literary allegiance in the period of the English Civil War and Restoration. I continue to have a special interest in writings by women. 

Selected Publications

'"On the Picture of the the Prisoner": Lucy Hutchinson and the Image of the Imprisoned King', in The Oxford Handbook of Early Modern Women's Writing in English, edited by Danielle Clarke, Sarah Ross and Elizabeth Scott-Baumann (Oxford, OUP, forthcoming)

'The Cavendishes and their Poetry’, in A Companion to the Cavendishes 1500-1700, edited by Lisa Hopkins and Tom Rutter (Kalamazoo: ARC Humanities Press, 2020)

‘“But not laughing”: Horsemanship and the Idea of the Cavalier in the Writings of William Cavendish, First Duke of Newcastle’, The Seventeenth Century, 32 (2017), Issue 4: New Modelled Cavaliers, 327-50

‘Romance and the Problem of the Passions in Lucy Hutchinson’s Order and Disorder and Hester Pulter’s The Unfortunate Florinda’, in Timely Voices: Romance Writing in English Literature, edited by Goran Stanivukovic (Montreal: McGill-Queens University Press, 2017), 299-316

'"Break Up the Court": Power, Female Performance and Courtly Ceremony in Henry VIII', Shakespeare, 7.3 (2011), 257-68 

Three Seventeenth-Century Plays on Women and Performance (Manchester University Press, 2006), co-edited with Julie Sanders and Sophie Tomlinson

Royalist Women Writers, 1650-1689 (Oxford University Press, 2004)

'"Flattering Division": Margaret Cavendish's Poetics of Variety', in Line Cottegnies and Nancy Weitz eds., Authorial Conquests: Essays on Genre in the Writings of Margaret Cavendish (Associated University Presses, 2003), pp.123-44

'The Politics of  Feminine Retreat in Margaret Cavendish's The Convent of Pleasure and The Female Academy', Women's Writing, 6.1 (1999), 81-94

'Dismantling the Myth of  "Mad Madge": The Cultural Context of Margaret Cavendish's Authorial Self-Presentation', Women's Writing, 4.3 (1997), 323-40