Dr Laura Kilbride, Peterhouse



Biographical Information

Laura Kilbride grew up in York, where she attended All Saints RC secondary school. She was educated at Queens' College, Cambridge, where she studied for a BA in English, followed by the M.Phil in Criticism and Culture. In 2010 she began doctoral work at St. John's College, Cambridge, where she was the recipient of an AHRC grant and elected Benefactors' scholar. From 2011-2 she was a reader in italian language and literature at Collegio Ghislieri, University of Pavia. She was the 2013 Fellow in Pre-Raphaelite Studies, a joint fellowship from the University of Delaware Library and the Delaware Art Museum. In September 2014 she was elected to a fellowship at Murray Edwards College (formerly New Hall) where she was a College Teaching Officer in English and Director of Studies for Part I. In October 2015 she was elected Research Fellow at Peterhouse, Cambridge.

Research Interests

Aesthetics; The history, theory, and practice of literary criticism; The relationship between poetry and theology; Pre-raphaelitism; English poetry from 1789 to the present; Contemporary Poetry. 

Laura's first book, 'Swinburne's Style: An Experiment in Verse History', is forthcoming from Legenda. It aims to establish the relevance of the poet A.C. Swinburne to the study of nineteenth-century poetry and poetics today. 

Her next book project, ''The Church of Blake and Shelley': Poetry and Theology in the Long Nineteenth Century', investigates how far the secularisation thesis for poetry and literature in this period registers at the level of poetic technique. 

She is an organiser for The Logos Colloquium, an initiative which aims to bring Literary scholars and Theologians into conversation. She also co-runs the inter-faculty Theology and Poetics reading group, and a reading group dedicated to discussion of the work of the philosopher Gillian Rose. 

Laura has taught on the period 1830-1945 (Part 1, Paper 7A), and the following Part II papers of the Cambridge English Tripos: Paper 2 (Tragedy); Paper 9 (Lyric); Paper 10 (Special Period, 1847-1872). She has also enjoyed supervising the poetry component of Part II Paper 12 (Contemporary Writing in English). The majority of her teaching has involved preparing students for the examination in Practical Criticism and Critical Practice. (Part I Paper 1, Part II Paper 1). She has supervised dissertations on William Blake, Christina Rossetti, A.C. Swinburne, Water Pater and Matthew Arnold.

Selected Publications

''The Pre-Raphaelite School': Recent Approaches', Literature Compass, 12.11 (November 2015): 615-626 

''Rubbish' ?: Three Newly Extant Manuscripts of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s ‘The Portrait’', ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes and Reviews, 27.4, (February 2015): 166-170 

'The Beast in The Space', Noesis 1, (Easter 2014): 31-37 

'From In the Square', The Chicago Review, 58.3/4, (Summer 2014): 221-226 

''Real Games with Books': On Anna Mendelssohn and Ezra Pound', News from Afar: Ezra Pound and Some Contemporary British Poetries, ed. Richard Parker (London, 2014: Shearsman), pp. 185-194 

'Going for Broke: Tom Raworth and Lyric,' The Cambridge Quarterly, 38.4 (2009): 368-387