Dr Nathaniel Zetter, Pembroke




Biographical Information

I'm a Teaching and Research Associate in English Literature at Pembroke College, where I supervise broadly on modern poetry and prose, visual culture, and literary theory; and currently direct studies for Part IB. Before joining Pembroke, I was educated at King's College London; completed my Ph.D. here at Cambridge with a studentship from Peterhouse; and was a Teaching Associate at Queens' and Selwyn, respectively. My doctoral research traced the imaginative connections between war and sport since the late nineteenth century. That project is now the basis for my first monograph, prospectively titled War/Sport: A Modern History.

My research more widely concerns the contingencies between culture and technology under modernity. I am particularly interested in the novel's response to new media forms, the dialogue between literary theory and other disciplines, and the cultural politics of computation.

I teach Practical Criticism and Critical Practice at each level; at Part I, I also teach Paper 7B (1870 – Present), and at Part II, papers 11 (Prose Forms), 12 (Contemporary Writing), 13 (American Literature), 16 (History and Theory of Literary Criticism), and 18 (Visual Culture). I am happy to supervise dissertations in any areas of my teaching or research, but I am particularly keen to receive requests for projects on literary theory and on digital media.


Selected Publications

‘Sport Plus the Shooting: Military Vision and the Logic of War in Esports’, in Sport and the Pursuit of War and Peace from the Nineteenth Century to the Present: War Minus the Shooting?, edited by Martin Hurcombe and Philip Dine (Routledge, 2023).

James Gabrillo and Nathaniel Zetter, eds., Articulating Media: Genealogy, Interface, Situation (Open Humanities Press, 2023).

‘Cybernetic Melancholia: Chris Ware’s Building Stories and Cultural Informatics’, Textual Practice, 34.3 (2020), 437–460.

‘In the Drone-Space: Surveillance, Spatial Processing, and the Videogame as Architectural Problem’, in Surveillance, Architecture and Control: Discourses on Spatial Culture, edited by Susan Flynn and Antonia MacKay (Palgrave Macmillan, 2019), pp. 233–254.

‘Inscription and “Anscription”: Surface and System in Cybernetics, Deconstruction, and Don DeLillo’, Humanities, 8.1 (2019), 1–14.

‘Perception and Periodization: Video Game Perspective as Symbolic Form’, Studies in Control Societies, 1.1 (2016).