Dr Sara Harris, Sidney Sussex



Biographical Information

Sara Harris is a Junior Research Fellow at Sidney Sussex College. Her book, The Linguistic Past in Twelfth-Century Britain, will be published by Cambridge University Press in 2017. She is now beginning a new project, on the contested portrayals of ancestral law and custom found in romance, legal forgeries, histories, saints' lives, and poetry from the Becket conflict to the fourteenth century.

Other current activities include an edition of the Book of the Laws of England, a late twelfth-century Anglo-Norman translation of the Latin Laws of Edward the Confessor, for the Early English Laws Online project. She has articles in preparation on Chaucerian borrowings in Thomas Usk's Testament of Love, on peasant language in The Owl and the Nightingale, and on Henry of Huntingdon's twelfth-century Latin translation of the Old English "Battle of Brunanburh".

Research Interests

Medieval multilingualism; portrayals of history and law; medieval local, national, and religious identities; origin myths; genealogy; romance; Chaucerian reception.

Selected Publications

'Ancestral Neologisms in Richard fitz Nigel's Dialogue of the Exchequer', Journal of Medieval History, 39:4 (2013), 416-30

'Tam Anglis quam Danis: 'Old Norse' Terminology in the Constitutiones de foresta', Anglo-Norman Studies, 37 (2014), 131-148. Winner of the Marjorie Chibnall Essay Prize.