Chris Scott, Trinity

Degree: PhD
Course: CC
Supervisor: Dr Anne Stillman

Research Interests

I am currently working towards a non-AHRC-funded PhD on close reading and lyric poetry. I am working specifically on the use of the label 'New Criticism' as a placeholder for close reading which has absolved many recent lyric critics of the need to think about what it might mean to read closely. Despite the current landscape of the humanities, I believe this still to be an important question, and one I am attempting to think about with reference in particular to Richards and Empson (and beyond them Ricks and Griffiths), and a historical range of poems including Greek epitaphs, medieval lyrics, Romantic and 20th-century poetry from Shelley to Forrest-Thomson.

I am particularly interested in peripheral spaces in poetry - margins, endnotes, footnotes - and the forms of attention they invite or demand. 

Areas of Supervision

I have supervised for Part I's modern paper, and Part II's paper on lyric. I have also taught practical criticism and supervised a Part II dissertation on Veronica Forrest-Thomson.

I am happy to supervise work on anything relating to my research interests.