Jennifer Harris, Emmanuel

Degree: PhD
Course: CC
Supervisor: Dr D Bowman
Dissertation Title:

Intimacy, mimesis and repetition as approaches to poetry translation

Biographical Information

Jenny Harris is a second-year PhD student. She studied for her BA in French also in Cambridge, with a year abroad at the ENS in Lyon, where she took courses in comparative literature, theatre and creative writing. After her BA, she moved into Translation Studies and into the English department, where she has since completed an MPhil in Criticism and Culture, with a dissertation on John Ashbery’s French translations. Jenny is also the current Graduate Rep for the CUSU Women's Campaign, and in this capacity helps to run the Graduate Ethical Teaching Forum.

Research Interests

My PhD is on the nature of the connections between original texts and translated texts, focusing on twentieth-century French poetry translated in America. It addresses questions of similarity and resemblance by investigating the possibility that translation could productively be theorised as a form of repetition. It pays particular attention to the sorts of connections provoked and brought out by the parallel text format, and will go on to consider intimacy and family resemblance as possible models for the relationship between the two texts.

I am interested in the history and theory of translation in general.

Areas of Supervision

I have thus far specialised in Practical Criticism, but would love to contribute to any teaching on literary theory or twentieth century poetry, and would be happy to hear from any student considering writing a dissertation on any aspect of translation studies.