Lewis Wynn, Emmanuel

Degree: PhD
Course: CC
Supervisor: Dr Rowan Williams
Dissertation Title:

Reason's Tears: Gillian Rose and the Agon of Authorship

Biographical Information

I recieved my BA (in English) from Emmanuel College, Cambridge in 2014. I then spent a year at Harvard University on a Herchel Smith Scholarship, before returning to Cambridge to complete an MPhil in Criticism and Culture. I am a PhD candidate as of 2016.

Research Interests

My doctoral thesis is a study of the philosopher Gillian Rose.

I also organise the DRIFT reading series.

Areas of Supervision

1.1: Practical Criticism and Critical Practice I; 1.7b: English Literature and its Contexts 1870 - Present; 2.1: Practical Criticism and Critical Practice II; 2.9: Lyric; 2.12: Contemporary Writing in English; 2.15: Moralists; 2.16: History and Theory of Literary Criticism; 2.18: Literature and Visual Culture.

I'm always happy to receive proposals from students to work on dissertations, and have formerly supervised Part II theses on Anne Carson and Bruce Andrews.

Selected Publications



  • Geist stories,’ a review of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: The Phenomenology of Spirit (trans. Terry Pinkard), The Phenomenology of Spirit (trans. Peter Fuss and John Dobbins), and Hegel: The Phenomenology of Spirit (trans. Michael Inwood), in The Times Literary Supplement (forthcoming) 2019
  • The spell wore off,’ a review of The Collected Letters of Charles Olson and J.H. Prynne (ed. Ryan Dobran), in PN Review (244) 2018
  • Law divorced from ethics,’ a review of Judaism and Modernity: Philosophical Essays by Gillian Rose, in The Times Literary Supplement (5972) 2017