Rebecca Thomas, St John's

Degree: PhD
Course: ASNC
Supervisor: Dr A Bonner
Dissertation Title:

Perceptions of peoples in Wales c. 600-1100,

Biographical Information

Rebecca is a third year PhD student in the department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic. Her research focuses on perceptions of peoples in early medieval Wales, examining not only the presentation of Welsh/British identity itself, but also how Welsh writers treated other 'peoples', facilitating analyis of how they placed themselves within a wider context. Investigation of a broader European context is central, enabling examination of how Welsh writers located themselves and their audience within the framework of Britain, Europe and Christendom, alongside analysis of the transmission of ideas, and the relationship between developments in Wales and broader European trends. She took her BA degree in the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge, and MPhil degree in the department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic. 

Research Interests

The history of Wales, Ireland and north Britain from the sixth to the twelfth centuries; Anglo-Saxon history (especially Anglo-Saxon and Welsh relations); social memory in medieval societies; prophetic and historical writing in medieval Wales; Carolingian history (especially historical writing, and connections with Anglo-Saxon England and Wales).

Areas of Supervision

British Political History 380-1100 (History Tripos Part I, Paper 2); British Economic and Social History 380-1100 (History Tripos Part I, Paper 7); British Political History 1050-1509 (History Tripos Part I, Paper 3); Brittonic History (ASNC Part I, Paper 3); Sea Kings and the Celtic Speaking World, c. 1014-1164 (ASNC Part II, Paper 3); Historical Argument and Practice (History Tripos) 

Selected Publications

R. Thomas, 'Remembering the 'Old North' in Ninth- and Tenth-Century Wales', Peritia (forthcoming)

Quaestio Insularis: Selected Proceedings of the Cambridge Colloquium in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic 17 (2016), ed. B. Guy, K. Olley, B. Allport, R. Thomas, I. Williams and J. Wright

The Literary Encyclopedia entries: 851 The Danes enter Thames estuary and march on Canterbury867 The Danes conquer Northumbria