Robert Scott, King's

Degree: PhD
Course: CC
Supervisor: Dr Ross Wilson
Dissertation Title:

Reading and Writing in Hegel

Biographical Information

I am writing a PhD thesis at King's College, Cambridge, funded by the Isaac Newton Trust and the Arts and Humanities Research Council, on the philosophical statuses of reading and writing in the works of Hegel. I completed a Bachelor of Arts in English with First Class Honours at the University of Exeter, writing on Percy Bysshe Shelley, Hegel, and the French Revolution; and then a Master of Arts in Literature & Philosophy with Distinction, writing on Gillian Rose and philosophical style.

Research Interests

Hegel; English Romanticism, particularly Wordsworth and Shelley; Marx and Marxism; eighteenth-century poetry; Gillian Rose; the Frankfurt School; philosophical style; irony; recollection; philosophy; critical theory; politics and aesthetics; philosophical aesthetics; literature and philosophy.

At the moment I am writing an essay on how Hegel's critique of Kant might inform current debates about the limits of critique in literary studies.


Areas of Supervision

This year I am teaching Practical Criticism and Critical Practice; Part II, Paper 15: The Ethical Imagination; and some additional seminars on literature and philosophy. For the Ethical Imagination I am supervising on topics such as: the ethics of violence and non-violence (with reference to Walter Benjamin and Judith Butler); Hegel, memory, and historical trauma; the philosophy, politics, and ethics of love (with reference to Gillian Rose and Alain Badiou); and the ethics and politics of style. I am also supervising a Part II dissertation on Percy Bysshe Shelley's Prometheus Unbound. I am happy to hear from any students working in my areas of interest.

I have also taught on the King's and Christ's Colleges' Bridging Programme, lecturing and supervising incoming undergraduates on Wordsworth, and on Marxist literary criticism.

Selected Publications

With Gordon Finlayson, I am co-editor of the volume Marxist Modernism: Introductory Lectures on Critical Theory, a lecture series on the Frankfurt School by Gillian Rose, forthcoming with Verso Books.

I also write the section on Eighteenth-Century Poetry for the Year’s Work in English Studies, providing an annual comprehensive survey of the field.

I have delivered various conference papers on topics such as poetics, irony, memory and forgetting, Christology, hermeneutics, and the phenomenology of reading--all with reference to Hegel.


'Suffering and the Feeling of Suffering in Marx's Capital', Textual Practice (2020)

'Humanity is Dead, Long Live Humanity!: From Posthumanism to Postcapitalism via Hegel', eSharp 26 (2018)


Bysshe Inigo Coffey, Shelley's Broken World: Fractured Materiality and Intermitted Song, Review of English Studies (forthcoming)

Eighteenth-Century Poetry, The Year's Work in English Studies (2021)

Eighteenth-Century Poetry, The Year's Work in English Studies (2020)

Eighteenth-Century Poetry, The Year's Work in English Studies (2019)