Siddharth Soni, St Edmund's

Degree: PhD
Course: CC
Supervisor: Dr Edward Allen
Dissertation Title:

Reform and Resistance in Late Colonial Indian Short Fiction

Research Interests

I am interested in colonial and postcolonial literatures, both in English and in translation. My current research is on short fiction writers involved with the Indian Independence movement, including those who respond to the subsequent Partition of India. The question I ask is how vernacular and Indigenous forms and expressions forge resistance to colonial rule, and in what ways historical and translational practices should attend to these politics. Since parts of my training are in Anthropology, I am also interested in theories and methodologies of literary ethnography, especially in relation to the study of violence. I have supervised several dissertations in related areas and teach regularly for Practical Criticism.

Selected Publications

"Where in the World are Indian Literatures?" Critical Quarterly 60.4