Wanne Mendonck, St John's

Degree: PhD
Course: 1830-PD
Supervisor: Dr Marcus Waithe
Dissertation Title:

Nature and the Agency of Literature: Writing Holistically among the Ethical Left, 1880-1914

Biographical Information

BA in English and Latin from KU Leuven, Belgium. MA in Western Literature (also KU Leuven), graduating in 2017 with a thesis on first-wave feminism and the politics of the short story 1890-1914.  I graduated from the MPhil in Modern and Contemporary English from Cambridge in 2018, with a dissertation on botany, literature and epistemic models in Darwin, Ruskin, and Swinburne. 

Research Interests

Briefly, the construction of authorship among 'Socialist Revival' writers 1880-1906.

Related:  'Back to the Land' and 'Back to Nature' movements, cultural authority and authorial persona, literature and politics (especially 1880-1914), 'New Woman' and suffrage writers, performativity and literary activism. Continued tangential interest in Victorian literature and the environment, and in the history of nineteenth-century science.

Authors of special interest include Olive Schreiner, Eleanor Marx, Edward Carpenter, Robert Tressell, Henry Salt, William Morris, Katherine Conway/Glasier, Isabella Ford, Margaret Harkness, Edith Lees/Ellis, Jane Hume Clapperton, Alfred Orage, George Bernard Shaw, and Emma Frances Brooke. Also the reception/influence of Whitman, Ruskin, Spencer, Thoreau, Shelley and others. 

Areas of Supervision

Part II, paper 10; Dissertations (happy to hear from any undergraduates working on my areas of interest or related)