Penny Cartwright is enrolled in the MPhil in American Literature. She is especially interested in contemporary writers, such as David Foster Wallace, Junot Diaz, Zadie Smith and Ben Okri. She is also interested in globalization, the internet and the interaction between these phenomenon.

Holly Corfield Carr is a PhD student working on site-specific practices in contemporary writing with research interests in contemporary sculpture and geology.

Srishti Krishnamoorthy is a PhD student working on the botanical poetics and sexual politics of contemporary experimental poetry by women. Her research interests include avant garde poetry, gender and sexuality, ecopoetics, Postcolonialism, boarding school narratives and the textual history of chalk.

Jennifer Schaffer is enrolled in the MPhil in Criticism and Culture and is planning to write a dissertation on early representations of Artificial Intelligence. As an undergraduate at Stanford University, she wrote a thesis on Bruce Chatwin’s first, unpublished novel, The Nomadic Alternative, based on original archival research at the Bodleian. She then spent ayear working as a reporter and editor at VICE in New York City. She is interested in interdisciplinary research into digital narratives, epistemology, and literary representations of technology.

Lewis Wynn  is enrolled in the MPhil in Criticism and Culture. His interests include ‘Eerie’ culture, contemporary poetics, radical English histories, and the Anthropocene. He wrote undergraduate dissertations concerning the poetry of J.H. Prynne and Simon Jarvis, before spending a year as a Herchel Smith Scholar at Harvard University, studying fiction film-making and philosophy.