Crossroads of Knowledge in Early Modern England: the Place of Literature


Crossroads of Knowledge uncovers the interface between imaginative literature and epistemology in its wider sense in early modern England (1500-1700). This period of intense literary production also saw the cultural forces of humanism and the Reformation collide; crucial shifts in the law; scientific advancement; and dramatic expansion in trade and travel. At stake across the board was knowledge: its theories and technologies, its excitements and anxieties. We examine intersections between literary forms and apparently disparate areas of thinking about ways of knowing; at the same time, we remain attentive to the thresholds between these more explicitly epistemic disciplines. Research is to be organised along the four disciplinary strands in the first four years, with literary intervention as a running thread.

  • Theology
  • Natural philosophy
  • Economic thinking
  • Law

The final year will consolidate the project with specific events.

This project, based jointly at the Faculty of English and CRASSH, is funded by an ERC Consolidator Grant, and is led by Dr Subha Mukherji, Senior Lecturer at theĀ Faculty of English.