Seminars in Cambridge

The Michaelmas schedules for many of Cambridge’s research seminars have now been published. The following is a (highly selective) list of seminars whose subjects more or less fall within our period. For further information about location and timings, please consult the relevant websites.

Seminars in the History of Material Texts:

26th November: *The Bartolomeo Gamba Project – or, the London-Paris-Padua book trade connection, 1600-1840*
Vittoria Feoloa (University of Padua/University of Oxford)

The Eighteenth Century Seminar (Faculty of History):

20th October: *Sublime Tourism, Enlightened Science and Counter-Revolution: Vesuvius and Pompeii in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries*
John Brewer (Caltech)

3rd November: *The French Revolution: A Redistributive Crisis*
Charles Walton (University of Warwick)

Early Modern British and Irish History (Faculty of History):

28th October: *The Oxford University Press Edition of The Works of Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon*
Martin Dzelzainis (University of Leicester) and Paul Seaward (History of Parliament)

Cambridge Bibliographical Society:

25th May, 2016: *Loss and the English imagination: writing the dissolution of the monasteries in the early eighteenth century’
Dr Kathryn James (Munby Fellow, University of Cambridge)

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