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Technological Object: Bomb Fuse

A mobile phone taped to stolen commercial explosives; a cellophane disk slowly perforated by acid; a green-grey box opened with a key more familiar from bicycle D-locks. All of these have served as fuses for bombs, contraptions where success is … Continue reading

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Technological Object: Printed Circuit Board

Near the beginning of Thomas Pynchon’s paranoid glimpse of Cold War connectedness, The Crying of Lot 49, Oedipa Maas finds herself at the top of a slope overlooking the Southern California exurb of San Narciso. As she squints through her … Continue reading

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The Sillitoe Trail

In Mapping ‘The Sillitoe Trail’, David Trotter reflects on The Sillitoe Trail, an app which provides a literary journey round Sillitoe’s Nottingham.

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Rust-Belt Gothic

In his fourth Literary Platform essay exploring the technology in storytelling, David Trotter explains how a familiar modern trope highlights the way tech brings meaning to our narratives – through its absence.

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Landscapes of Power

With its solid airiness, its engineered abstraction, and above all its incarnation of electrical insubstantiality within industrial substance, [the pylon] appealed to artists who … found themselves pulled between competing aesthetic theories: the representational and the abstract, the romantically organic … Continue reading

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What can Youtube do for stories?

In the third of his series of essays investigating technology and storytelling, ‘What can Youtube do for stories?’, David Trotter wonders how we should best understand YouTube, as a medium.

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Technological Object: Pylon

Electric fences line our new freeway Here in the half-light, the motorhomes leave Knee-deep in water under a pylon How slow my heartbeat How thin the air I’m breathing in Thomas Dolby, ‘Airwaves’ From the moment of their first extension … Continue reading

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Tap Dance and Cinema

On 6 November 2012, Steve Connor gave a talk entitled ‘Two-step, Nerve-tap, Tanglefoot: Tapdance Typologies in Cinema’ for the Screen Media Research Seminar in Cambridge. He argued that, for all the air of sophistication of cinema’s exponents of tap dance, Fred … Continue reading

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What can technology and stories do for each other?

David Trotter’s What Can Technology Do for Stories?, posted on 21st September on The Literary Platform, investigated the value of interactivity. It was followed by What Can Stories Do For Technology?

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