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The word blip is perhaps originally a coinage by Mark Twain, in Tom Sawyer Abroad (1894), to mean a sudden blow, perhaps a minor kind of ‘bop’: – a character is given ‘a blip in the back’ and knocked off … Continue reading

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Literature Technology Media Reading Group

Beginning this term, LTM will be hosting a reading group on the history and theory of media and technology. In Michaelmas, the reading group will explore some of LTM’s interests by examining an international cross-section of recent work in these … Continue reading

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Literature Technology Media Conference October 2016

Saturday 15th October 2016 Faculty of English, Cambridge: Room GR05 Programme 9.30 Welcome and Introduction David Trotter, ‘Media Theory Now: A Very Brief Introduction Indeed’ Steven Connor, ‘The Question concerning Technography’ 10.15 Coffee break 10.30 Session 2: Vision Chair: Steve … Continue reading

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What Is Technography?

Technography may be defined at its simplest through the spelling out of its elements, Greek τεχνο– and -γραϕία: thus, technography is the writing of technology. In its earliest uses, in classical and Hellenistic writing, the word referred to a technical … Continue reading

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A gadget is a name for any device or piece of equipment. There is something diminutive about a gadget, which will often be characterised as ‘little’, as in a ‘nice little gadget’. It does not have a very long history, … Continue reading

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Packet ‘A unit of data for transmission; a group of bits of fixed maximum size and well-defined format that is switched and transmitted as a composite whole through a packet-switching network, any message exceeding the maximum size being partitioned and … Continue reading

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Technicon: towards a cultural semantics of informational terms The English Faculty’s Literature-Technology-Media research group proposes to develop, in the first instance as a online resource, a lexicon of terminology arising out of or associated with information technologies and social media. … Continue reading

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David Trotter writes in the latest issue of The White Review about negotations between new and old, here understood as the ‘technological’ and the ‘primitive’, in the work of Vanessa Hodgkinson, and one or two others. The values proposed by surface … Continue reading

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Optical Ontologies Call For Papers

The London Conference in Critical Thought, Royal Holloway, University of London, 6-7 June  2013, will include a panel on Optical Ontologies and Machine Vision. The deadline for abstracts is 25th March 2013. Abstracts should be emailed either to Hannah Gregory or to with ‘Optical Ontologies’ in the subject … Continue reading

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Technological Object: Bomb Fuse

A mobile phone taped to stolen commercial explosives; a cellophane disk slowly perforated by acid; a green-grey box opened with a key more familiar from bicycle D-locks. All of these have served as fuses for bombs, contraptions where success is … Continue reading

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