Rust-Belt Gothic

In his fourth Literary Platform essay exploring the technology in storytelling, David Trotter explains how a familiar modern trope highlights the way tech brings meaning to our narratives – through its absence.

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  35. Alison Fornell says:

    The ideas presented in David’s article make me think about the particular state of the television set and its role in the rust-belt Gothic, or the state of post-industrialization that has swept cities (as the scene in The Killing, the underground silo, depicts). What purpose does the television set serve when today we can “watch television” on laptops, smartphones, and tablets? Has the set in its traditional form has become, in some ways, obsolete (we now see the rise of “smart TVs” that also act as gateways to On Demand programming and even, in some cases, the Internet proper)? Or has the role of the set just changed, to reflect the changes in media consumption and production?

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