Other Groups

Based in Cambridge:

Centre for Material Texts fosters research into the physical forms in which texts are embodied and circulated, and the ways in which those forms have interacted with literary cultures and historical contexts. Based in the Faculty of English, it provides a focus for editorial and bibliographical work, and for critical, theoretical and historical projects of many kinds. The CMT fosters the study of a wide variety of media–from spoken words to celluloid, from manuscript to XML–and brings together academics and postgraduates from a range of faculties and departments across the University.

There are regular CMT seminars, usually twice a term. Details can be found on their website or here under ‘Seminars’.

Magdalene Society of Medievalists was founded in 2007. Run by graduate students, it seeks to facilitate the study and discussion of all aspects of the Middle Ages. The Society is based at Magdalene College, Cambridge; it organises termly medieval colloquia, as well as occasional conferences.

Marginalia is a website created by graduate students of medieval English literature at the University of Cambridge. The authors hope it will develop into a useful collection of resources and a point of contact for medievalists both at Cambridge and around the world who are engaged in the study of medieval English literature, history, culture, and thought.

Medieval and Renaissance Research Hub is devoted to the Cambridge English Faculty’s research community in Medieval and Renaissance Studies.



Anglo-Norman Texts Society

New Chaucer Society

Early Book Society

Early English Text Society

International Piers Plowman Society

John Gower Society

Society for the Study of Medieval Languages & Lit

Society for Medieval Archaeology

Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship

International Courtly Literature Society

International Arthurian Society, British Branch