People Archive (2011-12)

Faculty Members Working in the Period (Current and Emeritus)

N.B. Some individuals may have substantial interests in other periods, or in overlapping areas (e.g. Romanticism).

Visiting Scholars: Current and Recent

  • Professor Ann Colley (Buffalo State College)
  • Dr Jennifer McDonell (University of New England)

PhD Students

  • James Castell (St John’s): ‘Wordsworth and Animal Life’
  • Ian Felce, ‘The Rise of Norse Texts in English Literature’
  • Owen Holland (St Catherine’s): ‘Re-Visioning London’
  • Laura Kilbride (St John’s): ‘Swinburne’s Style’
  • Marie Léger-St-Jean (Trinity Hall): ‘Penny Bloods: Circulating Stories in London’s Popular Culture, 1837-1860’
  • Peter Morelli (King’s): ‘Clare’s Subtle Nature: Metaphor, Allegory and Subtext in the Published Volumes, 1820-1835’
  • Simon Morley (Trinity Hall): ‘Henry James’s Suspended Judgements’
  • Ian Patel (Queens’): ‘William Hazlitt and the Spirit of the Age’
  • Ellie Stedall (St John’s): ‘The Sea Stories of Herman Melville and Joseph Conrad’
  • Sarah Weaver (Trinity Hall): ‘Nineteenth-century Imitations and Translations of the Medieval’
  • Yih Dah Wu (St Catharine’s): ‘Jane Austen and the Poetics of Waiting’
  • Katrina Zaat: ‘Henry James and Sterne’
  • Clare Walker-Gore, Victorian Representations of Disability


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