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Books Received

Titles marked with an asterisk have been assigned for review.


*Ahnert, Ruth. The Rise of Prison Literature in the Sixteenth Century. Cambridge: CUP, 2013. 241 pp. ISBN 978-1-1070-4030-4. Cloth. $81.00.

Albrecht, Michael von. Ovids “Metamorphosen”: Texte, Themen, Illustrationen. Heidelberger Studienhefte zur Altertumswissenschaft. Heidelberg: Winter Verlag, 2014. 268 pp. ISBN 978-3-8253-6320-8. Cloth. €28.00.

Batchelor, Robert K. London: The Selden Map and the Making of a Global City, 1549-1689. Chicago: Chicago UP, 2014. 344 pp. ISBN 978-0-2260-8065-9. Cloth. $39.34.

Beal, Peter. Discovering, Identifying and Editing Early Modern Manuscripts: English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700, Volume 18. British Library - English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700. Chicago: Chicago UP, 2014. 272 pp. ISBN 978-0-7123-5893-4. Cloth. $67.50.

Birns, Nicholas. Barbarian Memory: The Legacy of Early Medieval History in Early Modern Literature. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2013. 138 pp. ISBN 978-1-1373-6455-5. Cloth. $54.02.

Boffey, Julia. Manuscript and Print in London c. 1475-1530. Chicago: Chicago UP, 2013. 246 pp. ISBN 978-0-7123-5881-1. Cloth. $67.50.

*Britton, Dennis Austin. Becoming Christian: Race, Reformation and Early Modern English Romance. Fordham: Fordham UP, 2014. 259 pp. ISBN 978-0-8232-5714-0. Cloth. $55.00.

Classen, Albrecht (ed.). Mental Health, Spirituality, and Religion in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Age. Fundamentals of Medieval and Early Modern Culture. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2014. 836 pp. ISBN 978-3-1103-6087-5. Cloth. $196.00.

Demmerling, Christoph and Ingrid Vendrell Ferran (eds.). Wahrheit, Wissen Und Erkenntnis in der Literatur: Philosophische Beitrage. Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie. Sonderband. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2014. 348 pp. ISBN 978-3-0500-6277-8. Cloth. $112.00.

Es, Bart Van. Shakespeare in Company. Oxford: OUP, 2013. 357 pp. ISBN 978-0-1995-6931-1. Cloth. £25.00.

Fasolt, Constantin. Past Sense: Studies in Medieval and Early Modern European History. Studies in Medieval and Reformation Traditions. Leiden: Brill, 2014. 678 pp. ISBN 978-9-0042-6892-0. Cloth. $199.00.

Greene, Roland. Five Words: Critical Semantics in the Age of Shakespeare and Cervantes.  Chicago: Chicago UP, 2013. 224 pp. ISBN 978-0-2260-0063-3. Cloth. $28.45.

*Helfer, Rebeca. Spenser’s Ruins and the Art of Recollection. Toronto: University of Toronto, 2012. 408 pp. ISBN 978-0-8020-9067-6. Cloth. $76.50.

Johnson, Kimberly. Made Flesh: Sacrament and Poetics in Post-Reformation England. Pennsylvania: Penn Press, 2014. 248 pp. ISBN 978-0-8122-4588-2. Cloth. $53.96.

Kahn, Victoria. The Future of Illusion: Political Theology and Early Modern Texts. Chicago: Chicago UP, 2014. 264 pp. ISBN 978-0-2260-8387-2. Cloth. $40.50.

Kauntze, Mark. Authority and Imitation: A Study of the Cosmographia of Bernard Silvestris. Mittellateinische Studien Und Texte. Leiden: Brill, 2014. ISBN 978-9-0042-5691-0. Cloth. $135.00.

Kesson, Andy. John Lyly and Early Modern Authorship. Manchester: MUP, 2013. 256 pp. ISBN 978-0-7190-8824-7. Cloth. £65.00.

Lopez, Jeremy. Constructing the Canon of Early Modern Drama. Cambridge: CUP, 2014. 241 pp. ISBN 978-1-1070-3057-2. Cloth. $81.00.

*Molekamp, Femke. Women and the Bible in Early Modern England: Religious Reading and Writing. Oxford: OUP, 2013. 288 pp. ISBN 978-0-1996-6540-2. Cloth. $89.10.

Moulton, Ian Frederick. Love in Print in the Sixteenth Century: The Popularization of Romance. Early Modern Cultural Studies. Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2014. 264 pp. ISBN 978-1-1373-9267-1. Cloth. $77.14.

Murrin, Michael. Trade and Romance. Chicago: Chicago UP, 2013. 344 pp. ISBN  978-0-2260-7157-2. Cloth. $38.80.

Quint, David. Inside Paradise Lost: Reading the Designs of Milton’s Epic. Princeton: Princeton UP, 2014. 344 pp. ISBN 978-0-6911-5974-4. Cloth. $85.50.

*Rebschloe, Tim. Der Drache in der mittelalterlichen Literatur Europas. Beiträge zur älteren Literaturgeschichte. Heidelberg: Winter Verlag, 2014. 430 pp. ISBN 978-3-8253-6205-8. Cloth. €65.00.

*Reeves, Eileen. Evening News: Optics, Astronomy and Journalism in Early Modern Europe. Material Texts. Pennsylvania: Penn Press, 2014. 328 pp. ISBN 978-0-8122-4574-5. Cloth. $58.66.

Renders, Hans and Binne de Haan (eds.). Theoretical Discussions of Biography: Approaches from History, Microhistory, and Life Writing. Egodocuments and History Series, 7. Leiden: Brill, 2014.    ISBN 978-9-0042-7014-5. Cloth. $28.00.

*Rhodes, Neil, Gordon Kendal, and Louise Wilson. English Renaissance Translation Theory. Tudor and Stuart Translations.  London: MHRA, 2013. 558pp. ISBN 978-1-9073-2205-1. Cloth. $45.00.

Rink, Nicolina. William Shakespeares Römerdramen: Ihre didaktische Evaluation unter Berücksichtigung der ‚Gender Studies‘ für den interdisziplinären Englischunterricht. Anglistische Forschungen, Volume No. 445. Heidelberg: Winter Verlag, 2014. 381 pp. ISBN 978-3-8253-6327-7. Cloth. €45.00.

Scattergood, John. John Skelton: The Career of an Early Tudor Poet. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2014. 432 pp.  ISBN 978-1-8468-2337-4. Cloth. $55.00.

Wall-Randell, Sarah. The Immaterial Book: Reading and Romance in Early Modern England. Ann Arbor, MI: U of Michigan P, 2013. 194 pp. ISBN 978-0-4721-1877-9. Cloth. $45.00.



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