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Call for Papers: 'Spenser, Milton, Ireland', RSA 2021

Spenser, Milton, Ireland 

The Milton Society of America and the International Spenser Society are jointly sponsoring a panel for RSA 2021 on “Spenser, Milton, Ireland.” What insights and methodologies emerge from triangulating these points? Possible angles of approach: How does Milton’s reading of Spenser engage Spenser’s deployments of Ireland? How does Ireland (or “Ireland”) play into each writer’s generic repertoires? In what ways do early-modern English dis/figurations of Ireland subtend elements of the two writers’ oeuvres?  

Proposals treating both writers especially welcome; papers on one of the two may also be accepted if they felicitously dovetail with other submissions. This is a guaranteed session. 

Proposals should include the following, and should be sent to and by July 20: paper title (15-word maximum), abstract (150-word maximum), curriculum vitae (no longer than 5 pages), PhD or other terminal degree completion date (past or expected), full name, current affiliation, and email address.

Note that the RSA stipulation that individuals present no more than 1 paper applies to papers rolled over from RSA 2020.


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