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CFP: SCSC in New Orleans
The Renaissance English Text Society invites abstracts for 2014 SCSC
(Sixteenth Century Society Conference)
to be held on 16-19 October in New Orleans, Louisiana
What’s class got to do with it?
Early Modern books and manuscripts not only searched for readers; they also created them, in part by exploiting social class. RETS welcomes abstracts on this interconnection between texts and class. Papers may range from theoretical discussions to specific local examples of the intersections of texts and class.
For example, what points of identification in social status did books and manuscripts offer, through their physical qualities, through paratextual materials, through networks of circulation, through handwriting styles, or “other” elements? What purposes—commercial, political, devotional—might these points of identification be intended to serve? Are indications of class—within manuscripts and books and among readers—reflective of actual social positions or are they aspirational? How does social class intersect with constructions of taste?  What might these tell us about readers, as anticipated or imagined?  How do issues of class status affect what we know about the creation and circulation of books and manuscript?
Please send a 150-word abstract and a one-page CV to me at and to Anne Lake Prescott by 10 March. E-mail attachments in Microsoft Word are preferred. 


The International Sidney Society invites proposals or complete papers for two sessions at the 2014 Sixteenth Century Society Conference in New Orleans on October 16-19. The sessions’ theme will be “Penshurst and the Sidneys: literature and history,” a theme that allows for papers on many specific topics: not only literature and history but architecture, building, gardens and private libraries. Diversity is encouraged. Contributions should be sent to Roger Kuin at before March 15 at the very latest: earlier ones will be received with even greater benevolence.


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