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Coming Soon
by Craig A. Berry

While the digital humanities have become prominent, ubiquitous, and some would even say redundant, the integration of digital projects into the mainstream of early modern literary research and pedagogy is very much a work in progress.  The editors of the Review are delighted to move that work one step further by inaugurating a Digital Projects section in the May issue, which will include the following reviews:

Paul Salzman, Mary Wroth’s Poetry: An Electronic Edition — Clare Kinney
David Schalkwyk et al., Folger Digital Texts — Michael Ullyot
Niall Atkinson, The Digital Soundscape of Renaissance Florence — Colin Wilder
Phil Burns, MorphAdorner v2.0 — Anupam Basu
The new section will inevitably be in a somewhat mixed genre, one Polonius might call technical-critical, which is to say threads of interest to the digital specialist will be woven through a fabric that is intended to be worn by a general audience of early modernist literary scholars.  We very much hope our readers will use the Forum section to let us know how we’re doing, to provide their own insights on the subjects and objects of the reviews, and to suggest projects worthy of review.


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