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The Two Biggies: Intermittent Reflections on Spenser and Proust
by Joe Moshenska

In a 1984 interview, Robert Hunter – lyricist for The Grateful Dead, responsible for songs such as ‘Terrapin Station’ and ‘Dark Star’ – was asked by Mary Eisenhart about his reading habits.  The ensuing exchange went like this:


Hunter: I’m just about through Proust finally – I’ve been digging at Proust for about six years, and I’m finally on Time RegainedEisenhart: I’m impressed. Hunter: [Laughs] Well you should be.  I’m impressed myself.  I’m going to finish it this year. Proust and Spenser.  The Faerie Queene.  Those are the two biggies.  I’ve wanted to be one of those people who have read The Faerie QueeneRead more…


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