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In memory of Judith Anderson, 1940-2022
by Tamara A. Goeglein, David Lee Miller, Heather James, Sarah Van Der Laan

I met Judith H. Anderson in the fall semester of 1982, my first as a graduate student at Indiana University, Bloomington. My final visit with Judith was this past June, in Bloomington, forty years after I took her ‘Spenser and Milton’ course. In those forty years, Judith became my friend, one with whom I shared my thoughts and my critical writing, as she did with me. Read more…


  • Gordon Teskey 1 week ago

    I'm very grateful for these memoirs of Judith Anderson, whose loss is so great for Spenser studies.

    She was a star (think of a real star) but didn't dwell apart. She was always among us. Because of her exemplary intellectual generosity, her very distance felt near.

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Tamara A. Goeglein, David Lee Miller, Heather James, Sarah Van Der Laan, "In memory of Judith Anderson, 1940-2022," Spenser Review (Fall 2022). Accessed June 5th, 2023.
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