Kilcolman Castle

Coming soon: a link to a website, “Centering Spenser: a Digital Resource for the Munster Plantation,” including a virtual tour of Kilcolman Castle, reconstructed as it may have existed in the late-sixteenth century. Designed and constructed by Thomas Herron and the University Multimedia Center of East Carolina University, this site is expected to go live in the spring of 2013.

Spenser Archive

Coming soon: The Spenser Archive, the digital component of Oxford University Press's forthcoming Collected Works of Edmund Spenser. A multi-institutional undertaking, the Spenser Archive will provide scanned images of original editions, edited texts with in-depth markup, editorial commentary, text and scans of variants, with a flexible display of Edmund Spenser's works.

Spenser Online

The hub of Spenser studies on the internet,

home to The Spenser Review,

Spenser Online offers resources for students and scholars,

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