Railing Rimes Returned upon the Author by Mistress Mary Wrothe

Hirmophradite in sense in Art a monster
As by your railing rimes the world may conster
Your spitefull words against a harmless booke
Shows that an ass much like the sire doth looke
Men truly noble fear no touch of blood
Nor question make of others much more good
Can such comparisons seme the want of witt
When oysters have inflamd your blood with it
But it appeares your guiltiness gapt wide
And filld with Dirty doubt your brains swolne tide
Both frind and foe in deed you use alike
And your mad witt in sherry aequall strike
These slanderous flying flames raised from the pott
You know are false and raging makes you hott
How easily now do you receave your owne
Turnd on your self from whence the squibb was throwne
When these few lines not thousands writt at least
Mainly thus prove your self the drunken beast
This is far less to you then you have donne
A T[h]rid but of your owne all wordes worse spunn
By which you lively see in your owne glasse
How hard it is for you to ly and pass
Thus you have made yourself a lying wonder
Fooles and their pastimes should not part asunder.