Tennyson: Music on the Web

These three pages have been extracted from the larger 'Music and Meaning' resource (see the menu), which aims to explore how Tennyson thought about the relationship of sound and content in his poetry. Making use of Tennyson-related recordings available on the web, these pages explore questions about the musicality of Tennyson's poems, and how that relates to their meanings and functions. If you want to work your way through the complete 'Music and Meaning' resource, click here; otherwise, use the menu below to try this shorter, selected set of resources.

1. Music on the Web (1): Tennyson and Aestheticism

2. Music on the Web (2): Tennyson's Voice and 'Declamation'

3. Music on the Web (3): 'Set the Wild Echoes Flying' in Tennyson's The Princess (1847)

You can go straight to any of these, but it will all be more coherent if you can work through from the beginning.

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