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About Sidneiana

Our title, approach, and the image above, are taken from a volume printed in 1837 and edited by Samuel Butler, Bishop of Lichfield and former headmaster of Shrewsbury School. It was his long stay at Philip Sidney's old school which gave Butler his Sidneian vocation. A formidable collector of Sidney manuscripts and early printed books, he left many treasures both to Shrewsbury School and especially to the British Library. His Sidneiana offered a miscellany of texts from manuscript and rare prints. Some of these have since become more generally available, such as the Sidney Psalmes, from which Butler offered a selection. Others, including the Nevitt and Henry Sidney documents presented here, remain neither widely known nor easily available. Sidneiana aims to offer an online multimedia resource in the spirit of Butler's volume.

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Sidneiana is edited by Gavin Alexander. Contributions, comments, and suggestions welcome.

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