Cognitive Classics

I am feeling my way back into blogging by means of these short posts, and here is a quick notice about something I should have mentioned aged ago — the Cognitive Classics website, run by Katharine Earnshaw and Felix Budelmann. It’s good stuff overall, but I would pick out especially the superb bibliography, organised thematically, by Emily Troscianko (her website here). It offers some excellent orientation in the psychological studies and in their application to literature.

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  1. Emily Troscianko

    Thank you, Raphael, I’m glad you like the site! Felix, Katharine, and I were just talking about doing some bibliography updates sometime soon (since two years have somehow already passed since the first version!), and your blog will be a really helpful source of guidance. Suggestions from you and your readers, about specific papers to include or new topics to cover, are most welcome too!



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