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Texts related to Lady Mary Wroth: An Index

   Baxter, Nathaniel: Sir Philip Sydneys Our‚ania, dedication.

   Chapman, George: TO THE HAPPY STARRE, DISCOUERED in our Sydneian  Asterisme; comfort of learning, Sphere of all the vertues, the Lady VVrothe. [from The Whole Works of Homer ... in his Iliads and Odysses [1616]]

   Denny, Edward: To Pamphilia from the father-in-law of Seralius.

   Drummond, William: xv. To my ladye Mary Wroath. [from The Poetical Works (1913)]

   Drummond, William: viii. To my Ladye Mary Wroath. [from The Poetical Works (1913)]

   Galli, Antimo: Stanze fatte con l'occasione d'un balletto guidato da la Real Mta de la Regina de la gran Brettagna &c. Li 6. di Genaro del 1608. [Excerpt]

   Gamage, William: Epigram 25. To the most famous, and Heroike Ladie Mary, L. Wroth. [from Linsi-Woolsie (1613)]

   Gamage, William: Epigram 60. To the worthy Knight, Sr Ro. Wroth, of his house call'd Durance. [from Linsi-Woolsie (1613)]

   Jones, Robert: The Muses Gardin for Delights, Or the fift Booke of Ayres, onely for the Lute, the Base-vyoll, and the Voyce. Dedicatory Epistle. To the True Honourable and Esteemed Worthie, the Right Worshipfull the Lady Wroth.

   Jonson, Ben: The Alchemist . Dedicatory Epistle. To the Lady, most aequall with vertue, and her Blood: The Grace, and Glory of women. MARY LA:WROTH.

   Jonson, Ben: A Sonnet. To the noble Lady, the Lady Mary Worth. [from The Workes(1640)]

   Jonson, Ben: CIII. To Mary Lady Wroth. [from The Workes (1640)]

   Jonson, Ben: CV. To Mary Lady Wroth. [from The Workes (1640)]

   Jonson, Ben: III. To Sir Robert Wroth. [from The Workes (1640)]

   Sylvester, Josuah: TO THE RIGHT HONORABLE, the Lord Vi-count Lisle, and his most vertuous Lady: To Sir Robert Sidney, Knight, their Hopefull Sonne: To the most Worthy Lady Wroth, with the rest of their right vertuous Daughters: and To all the Noble Sidneys and Semi-Sidneys. [from Du Bartas: His Divine Weekes And Workes (1621)]

   Wither, George : To the Lady Mary Wroth. Epigram 10 [from Iwenilia (1633)]


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